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Possibly the best photo of me, ever.


Well, I did it.

I weighed in at 71.8kg after a stressful morning consisting of weighing in too heavy at the hotel (72.3kg), then getting lost on the way to the venue. Very very lost. Seems I must have panicked off 0.5kg in the car.

There were a lot of lifters at the British – 41 women in 3 groups, and two other flights of 3 groups of men. On the second day (today) there were 2 flights of 3 groups again. The Classic is very very popular!

I opened my squats with an easy 80kg, followed by 87.5kg (pb) and 90kg (pb)

On bench I got 45kg, 47.5kg (equal pb) and 50kg (pb)

On deadlift I got 110kg, then went for a new pb at 117.5kg and…. fucked it up. Twice. First time I just couldn’t lock out; second time I locked out but the bar fell from my right hand (the small one).

Total was 250kg and I came…… LAST! Of course. I knew I was going to come last, but it’s still a bit sad. I’d be overjoyed if I’d only got that deadlift. Oh well

The standard was very high, though. Louise Murray in the 57kg (125lbs) class squatted 126kg (278lbs) for a new British Record. My training partner Anna got a 362.5kg total in the 84kg+ and took first place. So yes, I was up against the best!

Still, this means I’m (sorta) 8th best in the UK in the 72kg class. In the GBPF at least.

So that’s it. Next competition will probably be the Greater Londons on 23rd November. Need to work on that deadlift.


48 hours to go

Argh, I am deep into pre-competition weight worrying hell. Literally all I can think about is my weight. I’m very lucky that I’m not strongly inclined towards ED-type thoughts and behaviours, otherwise this would be an even worse time (and it’s bad enough as it is!)

Normally by this point pre-comp I’m safely under 72kg, but this week I’ve been all over the place. Last weekend I was under; then early this week I was up as high as 73.2kg, which was frightening*. Yesterday I was 72kg on the nose, and today I was 71.7kg again. 

So, I’m OK for now, but I can’t get complacent.  If I don’t make weight, I won’t be allowed to lift, so I have to make weight.

Lunch today is going to be a tuna salad, and dinner will be lamb steaks with roast mini potatoes and spinach. Tomorrow I’ll have a light lunch & then dinner in the hotel I’m staying in (assuming we get there before 8pm – otherwise I’ll have to eat in the car!).

I’m going to weigh-in at 8am to give myself plenty of time to eat breakfast. 

I have a packet of orange Halloween Oreos to eat after weigh-in 🙂

* Relatively.


Progress is not in the pooch

It’s squishy belly selfie time! It’s squishy belly selfie time!


72kg on the nose today, with 3 days to go. Fuck. I hope I can shed a kg or so of water weight, otherwise I WILL be fretting on Saturday.

Anyhow. Hey kids, lift for 4.5 years, reach British standard, and you can look like this! I.e. like a perfectly ordinary, slightly chubby, 36 year old woman.


Worked on my squat & bench openers today. I worked up to a nice 80kg squat (with good form!) and 47.5kg bench. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to open on – it will all depend on how I feel on the day. But I’m thinking 80/82.5kg squat, 42.5/45kg bench, 110/112.5kg deadlift. 

Now all I have to do is make sure my kit is clean, and my bodyweight is <72kg!!