“Avoid any food that has a TV commercial”


I keep seeing this around. This really is the sort of reductive thing that irritates me. Sure, I understand that a lot of “junk” (your definition of “junk” may vary) advertised on TV, but any food?

Yes yes, I know, I’m picky; but I put messages like this into the same category as harmful, reductive Fitspo and “motivational” quotes (you know, the quotes that tell you how you shouldn’t stop running until your knees explode etc etc). 

Here are a few things I eat regularly, which have TV commercials. OK, I’m not a “clean” eater, not am I Paleo, but I think I have a fairly decent diet (I’m loath to use the term “healthy” as it means different things to different people). 

The Happy Egg Company

Free-range eggs. Oh no, junk food.

Cravendale Milk

OK, milk isn’t Paleo, but I can tolerate it and besides, I’m not Paleo. I usually buy Cravendale because seriously, this stuff lasts forever. Oh noes, it’s not raw! Oh well. It’s still milk, people. Sheesh. 

Maggi So Juicy

OK, the advert is terrible, but you can tear my Maggi So Juicy from my cold, dead hands. I make this shit at least once a week, mostly to eat as leftovers for lunch. It’s a SPICE MIX, people, it adds minimal calories (oh noes! calories!) to the chicken, and makes it taste flippin amazing. 

Talking of spice mixes, I’ve not tried it but Schwarz are advertising at the moment. Or are spice mixes really verboten? I dunno, I see a lot of healthy eating bloggers using them. 

Alpro Almond Milk 

Yeah, it has sugar in, but shut up, this stuff is gorgeous.

FAGE Total Greek yogurt 

I thought Greek yogurt was a favourite among healthy eating types (who eat dairy)? 

Yeo Valley dairy products

I like their butter best. It’s grass-fed & organic. Junk food, innit.

Maybe UK TV advertising is better than elsewhere? Or maybe, just maybe, this is yet another way of demonising people who don’t live that crunchy, organic, fitblr-approved outdoor lifestyle. Because only slobs watch TV (especially TV with advertising), right? 

What do you eat that’s TV-advertised? (Pizza excepted – we ALL eat pizza right?)