03 & 04 October 13

Blimey, I’ve had a busy couple of days. 

Yesterday morning I had my final session with Katie Page of Mind Training for Sport. It was great, and I really recommend a bit of sports psychology if you’re having trouble with brain stuff regarding sport. I feel so much more ready to compete, now. 

In the evening I did a sort of conditioning-style workout at Bethnal Green; lots of single-arm rows, dumbbell cleans, Dimels, glute & ham raises etc. 

Today I went to conditioning at Urban Kings & it was brutal as usual. The most fun (and difficult) bit was where one of us had to hold onto a rope while lying on the floor, and the other hand to pull the person along on the rope. It was really hard to both 1) hold onto the rope while being pulled; and 2) pull the flippin’ rope! Luckily I had another lady to pull, and not one of the hulking great big blokes! My arms were still like jelly after, though.