48 hours to go

Argh, I am deep into pre-competition weight worrying hell. Literally all I can think about is my weight. I’m very lucky that I’m not strongly inclined towards ED-type thoughts and behaviours, otherwise this would be an even worse time (and it’s bad enough as it is!)

Normally by this point pre-comp I’m safely under 72kg, but this week I’ve been all over the place. Last weekend I was under; then early this week I was up as high as 73.2kg, which was frightening*. Yesterday I was 72kg on the nose, and today I was 71.7kg again. 

So, I’m OK for now, but I can’t get complacent.  If I don’t make weight, I won’t be allowed to lift, so I have to make weight.

Lunch today is going to be a tuna salad, and dinner will be lamb steaks with roast mini potatoes and spinach. Tomorrow I’ll have a light lunch & then dinner in the hotel I’m staying in (assuming we get there before 8pm – otherwise I’ll have to eat in the car!).

I’m going to weigh-in at 8am to give myself plenty of time to eat breakfast. 

I have a packet of orange Halloween Oreos to eat after weigh-in 🙂

* Relatively.