Making weight (again)

I’m competing again on November 23rd in the Greater London divisionals, only 6 weeks after my last competition (phew!). That’s only 6 days away. I’m currently – once more – deep in pre-competition weight worries.

Like a lot of women I have a bit of a mental thing about food & trying to lose weight; the idea of doing it can make me a bit obsessive about what I’m eating, and my general hatred of diet culture makes me want to say Fuck you! and eat everything in sight. Sadly this isn’t feasible, as the next weight category above mine is 84kg, and I won’t qualify for the British championships in that category with my current total.

So, this week is going to be about trying to cut 1-2kg without exercising too much (as after Monday, I’m meant to be resting). Up until this Autumn I never had much trouble making weight, but I  think the onset of Winter + moving in with my boyfriend in September (= lots more cooking delicious food!) means my weight has got slightly out of hand.

Luckily (sort of!) my boyfriend is away on business this week, so I’ll be sticking to super-light lunches & dinners, without worrying what he’s eating.

Yesterday my weight was 73.2kg on my home scales first thing in the morning, and 73.2kg on the gym scales post-workout (these are the scales which we’ll be using for the competition). I used to trust my home scales, but not so much any more – I think they’re weighing me slightly heavy. But anyhow, I need to lose 1.5kg in 6 days to be comfortable. Thank goodness it’s only temporary!

If I don’t make weight it’s not the end of the world – this is only a divisional, after all.


3 thoughts on “Making weight (again)

  1. jh

    I cannot imagine HAVING to reach a certain weight! At least it’s just a short-term thing, right? then you can go back to F- You, eat everything? 😉 lol

    I’m signing up for a Crossfit competition in January, where the first half is an Olympic Lifting total (snatch/clean and jerk); they set up three weight classes for women. 63 and below, 64-68, and 69+. Doesn’t seem like much difference to me at all! But I’m just a couple pounds shy of the lowest weight class and have been trying to make an effort to maintain, or even gain weight. But now that I know if I gain more than 3lbs I’m going to be pushed into the heavier class, which would be much more competitive.. so already it’s a concern in the back of my mine on turning my conscious effort to gain weight at a halt.

    I wish you luck on meeting your goal! And excited to hear how the event goes!

    1. lozette Post author

      First of all, well done on finding my blog before I publicized it. Impressive 😉

      Yeah, I only have to make weight for the weigh-in, but it does my head in, a bit. My natural weight is around 73kg. Normally I find it quite easy, but this time it’s been really hard!!

      1. jh

        Hehe.. WordPress lets you see all the links that led people to your blog and somehow someone must have clicked on your page and found me.. therefore I found you! 😉

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