Talking about powerlifting

I’ve recently resolved to give speaking at meetups a try, inspired by two meetups for women in tech – 300 Seconds and Ladies Who Code. So I’ve pitched a lightning talk (i.e. a 5-minute talk on any subject) to the next Ladies Who Code meetup. I’m going to talk about powerlifting, because I’m enthusiastic about it and I’ll feel comfortable talking about it.

The working title for my talk is “How I went from desk-bound geek to British standard powerlifter [after 30 | in 4.5 years]*“. The regular-expression bit is because I can’t decide which ending to use, so hey – since everyone there will be a geek and presumably will get regexes, they might find it funny! Anyway. Moving on…

On the way home tonight I was feeling all self-doubty about lifting, again (see previous post) and I started to wonder if “in 4.5 years” is really something to be proud of. After all, all the other ladies who lift at my gym have qualified for the British championships at their first attempt (within  6 months of starting). Which is great, obviously, but… well, I suck in comparison.

And if I go do this talk, are the audience going to be thinking Geez, what took her so long? I know if it took me 4.5 years to reach that standard, I wouldn’t even bother! etc etc

(Sometimes I hate how my brain works!)

Maybe I should just stick to “How I went from desk-bound geek to British standard powerlifter after 30″, as I’m slightly less paranoid about that aspect of it!

Hmm, what do you think? Is 4.5 years a laughably long time to reach a standard that (it feels) all my gym compatriots reached so much more quickly? Should I hide it? Or should I be proud that I stick with lifting, despite being relatively mediocre? I guess I’m nothing if not tenacious.


2 thoughts on “Talking about powerlifting

  1. jh

    Oh girl..

    “After all, all the other ladies who lift at my gym…” just stop right there. 😉 lol.

    How many of the girls that you will be speaking to can lift what you do? I think you’re awesome!

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