GBPF Greater Londons

So, it’s done, and while I qualified for 2014’s British Classic, I’m not very happy with how I did. Spoiler: I came last, before you ask 😉

Firstly, I made weight! Thank deity. I was 72.5kg when I went to bed the night before, and I deliberately didn’t weigh myself at home before I left. I was 71.4kg at the official weigh-in.

Squats went fine – I got a new pb of 92.5kg, which is 2.5kg more than I got 6 weeks ago in the British. 2 pbs in 6 weeks is not bad going after lifting for as long as I have!

Bench was a bit of a disaster. I opened on 47.5kg which was easy. Second was 50kg, and the referee kept me waiting at the bottom of the lift for ages, and as a result I lost all power & couldn’t get the bar up. I went for 50kg on my 3rd attempt and got it up easily… but I’d jumped the press command by a millisecond, and therefore got 3 red sticks (no lights at the Greater Londons!)

Well fuck. That is the first time in over 3 years of competing that I’ve had a lift disallowed for commands. I should really know better.

On to deadlifts. I got my opener of 110kg up easily, no problems. Then I had a second & third attempt at 115kg disallowed for hitching. I’m really ashamed of myself. I know I hitch, and after the first attempt at 115kg I tried really hard not to hitch my second go; but the referees were specifically looking for a hitch & they saw one.

Everyone told me the judging was really harsh, and I guess it was a bit, but it was still right & proper to be harsh. After all, you can’t expect refs to make allowances, eh?

So, 250kg total & I’m qualified for next year. But I’m a bit sick of competing now; I’ve messed up in my last 3 competitions. I almost feel like I can’t call myself “a powerlifter” right now because I keep messing up. And yes yes, I know that’s silly!

I wish there was some way to go back to being a newbie, with my newbie gains and my freshness in competition. I feel so jaded right now!

After the club competition in December I might not aim to compete in the spring, to give myself a rest psychologically.


5 thoughts on “GBPF Greater Londons

  1. jh

    You qualified for something and don’t consider yourself a powerlifter? Silly girl!
    Amazing lifts, btw! I still have to bust out the calculator anytime I see things in Kg.. hehe.. but nicely done!!

    1. lozette Post author

      Thank you 🙂 Although I was by far the feeblest person there!!

      Hitching generally means using your upper legs to support the bar as you pull it up. Some people rest the bar on their legs & pull it up on a jerky motion. For me, what I do is pull the bar to my knees, then bend my knees slightly and kinda duck them under the bar, then pull it all the way up. It’s not allowed 😦

      So, I know I’m strong enough to do the lift, I just need to stop putting my g*ddamn knees under the bar!!

  2. Helen Rothwell

    ooo glad someone else asked about hitching as I was curious as well.

    I think you are being too harsh on yourself, you are a powerlifter. end of story. however I do agree you probably just need a rest, lifting weights is fun but competing and the stress that puts the body under is hard.

    curious, are you still working with your sports counsellor person?

    1. lozette Post author

      I’m not still seeing her… I had planned to only in the run-up to the British as it was quite pricey!

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