As you may know, my secondary gym is Urban Kings in Kings Cross, where I go for conditioning and Pilates/Yoga. After having a half-hour PT session with Wendle Lewis there back when I joined, I’ve been meaning to go to his grappling sessions. I’ve been interested in wrestling for a while, as I reckon it’d suit my build (short, short limbs, big legs/bottom), so grappling with Wendle seemed like an ideal thing to try.

Unfortunately I’m often busy on Wednesdays, whether with Codebar or just with catching up with my boyfriend (I feel like I hardly ever see him!) but last night I made an effort to go, and I’m glad I did!

I had no idea what to expect, not really knowing much about MMA other than having seen a few bouts. For starters, I was the only lady there, and I’m not sure the men really knew what to do with me! Luckily I’m not a delicate flower & am not shy, so I didn’t mind getting (very!) up close & personal with a bunch of sweaty men 😉

But it was really fun – we started off learning pummelling, then moved on to a throw and a hold. It was very technical; I found myself having to rely more on what felt right, rather than overthinking what I was doing. In that way it was a bit like Olympic lifting – there’s so much to remember, that you’re almost better off not trying to remember it all!

I also found it a lot more aerobic than I thought it would be; I was exhausted by the end – my endurance is pretty poor. This morning I ache in whole new ways – my shoulders especially. I feel good, though, and I left the gym last night with a smile on my face!

Overall, I think it’d be an excellent thing to get into regularly, for both my overall strength & aerobic fitness. I just need to figure out when I can do it – I’ve committed myself to Codebar at least once a month. Wendle also runs a Friday class, but at the moment I’m doing conditioning on Friday lunchtimes, and that does impair my performance at Bethnal Green on Saturdays (I squat much better on Mondays than I do on Saturdays). If I did conditioning and grappling on Fridays, I’m not sure I’ll even be able to walk to the gym on Saturday morning 😉


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