Taking a break

…from competing, at least. I went down to Bethnal Green last night, but my heart totally wasn’t in it. I was going to do maybe 3 x 5 squats at 60kg, but I was still so sore after grappling that 40kg felt heavy. So I did 5 x 5 @ 40kg, some good mornings + glute & ham raises, some light benching & went home.

I told my coach I don’t want to compete again until June, and he was fine with it. I feel a bit sad – almost everyone else I know who lifts is just getting into competing and is so excited by it; whereas I feel so very jaded and competing feels like a chore, nothing else. Sad times!

I also feel a bit sad coach agreed so readily that I shouldn’t compete for a while! I suppose I was hoping he’d be put out; however, he has bigger fish to fry in the gym now (e.g. other people who have very real prospects of competing internationally next year) so it’s not as if I’m – *sniff* – very important any more 😦

Ah well. I’m not going to train on Saturday. To be honest, I shouldn’t have gone last night! I will take the weekend off, train next week for our club competition on December 15th, do that comp (it’s only an informal one for fun) then probably not train much up to the end of the year. With Xmas celebrations + volunteering at Crisis (which I do every year) I won’t have much time to train anyhow.


One thought on “Taking a break

  1. flick161

    Gosh, you remind me of me.
    Try to fit in a million different commitments and feel motivated by them all? It’s just not possible! Sometimes something’s gotta give.
    Your coach is probably relieved you’re taking a break from competing as it’s the best thing for you and hopefully will help you love competing, and training again.
    I’m reading this from the bottom up, so I hope you’re happier further up 🙂

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