Back to it

I went back to Bethnal Green last night, after taking the weekend off. I only stopped aching from last week’s grappling & conditioning, plus the weekend’s DIY (I scraped a lot of lining paper off the walls at the weekend) on Monday morning!

The plan at the gym in the run-up to the 15th December is a couple of sessions of 80-90% lifts. Unfortunately I can’t train this Saturday as I have family commitments, so I only have 2-3 training sessions before then. Still, it’s only a club competition so I’m not planning on making any personal bests or anything (gym pbs don’t count anyhow!)

Anyhow, last night I ran up to 3 x 3 squats @ 70kg (75%) and 3 x 3 bench @ 40kg (80%). I was hoping to squat 75kg but I still kinda wasn’t feeling it; however, 70kg is better than the paltry 40kg I did last Thursday!

Unfortunately, this week I can’t make grappling or Codebar, as it’s my work Xmas party on Wednesday. Guess who’s going to be deadlifting with a hangover on Thursday evening? Oh yeah.

I’m half looking forward to the Xmas party/socialising season, and half annoyed that it’s going to eat into my gym time 😉