Hitching my deadlifts

…featuring a video!

I had deadlifts last night, 2 x 2 @ 85% (I did 100kg). As you may know, I have an issue whereby I hitch my deadlifts, and keep getting deadlifts disallowed in competition because of it. So, I asked Martin (coach) if he minded me bringing my phone into the gym to record my form – normally I’m not allowed by phone in the gym.

He grumbled a bit and said something about how I was turning into a fucking weightlifter, wanting to film my lifts and check my form etc etc, but I did it anyhow 😉 Hence there may be a little swearing my this video!

This is my third set of 2 @ 100kg, so I was a little tired by this point. Plus it was the day after my office Christmas party, I had a hangover & was sore from dancing in high heels! Excuses, excuses 😉 I’m quite pleased at how easy deadlifting 100kg feels to me, though.

OK, breaking it down:

Rep #1: It’s not bad. I don’t hitch it, for starters. I keep my back relatively tight (there’s a little softening) and drive my hips through earlier than rep #2.

Rep #2: Soft back, my bottom comes up too early, my hips come through too late, and I hitch it. It may not look like what people call hitching (i.e. stopping & starting the lift) but according to GBPF referees at least, that’s a hitch. My hips drive through too late, I put my upper legs under the bar, and I lean back. I wasn’t trying to hitch it – I was trying to do another rep like the first – but it happened.

So, my weak points:

  • Weak upper back – there’s too much softness there. I need to work on engaging my core and tightening my back before the lift. More yoga, and more bent-over rows for me in 2014!
  • Timing the hip drive better. When I hitch, I drive my hips through too late. I need to engage my hips earlier.
  • Staying over the bar. One of the main reasons I hitch is because I lean back too far. I need to stay over the bar a bit longer during the initial pull; then try to finish the lift upright, not leaning back.
  • But… if I lean over the bar more, I need to be careful to keep the bar close to me & not let it drift too far forward. If it drifts away, then at 110kg+ it’s just going to pull me down face-first.

I think that once this next competition is over (December 15th) I will try pulling Sumo again (I tried it last year but didn’t get on with it). I have this idea that the Sumo stance won’t let me lean back as much. I guess it’s worth a try!


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