Talking about powerlifting (part II!)

So, I mentioned a while back that I was going to do a lightning talk on powerlifting at Ladies Who Code, and last night was the night! I think it went OK (almost well) although I completely failed to look at my notes & forgot to make a few points I wanted to make. But the main thing is that I did it! And I also managed to talk about powerlifting without mentioning weight/fat loss and “sexy squat butts”. Not that I think those things are bad – I’m just bored of women’s lifting being framed in only those terms (that it will make you lean & sexy, and those are the only reasons to do it).

I’m now quite keen to do more talks; not (necessarily) on powerlifting but probably on more techie things, as that’s primarily what the meetups I go to are all about. Unfortunately I’m far more enthusiastic about powerlifting than I am about anything to do with my day job!!

In lifting news, at the gym on Monday I worked up to my openers for Sunday’s club competition. I was hoping to open my squat with 87.5kg, but 85kg felt heavy on Monday so maybe not. Then again, I don’t know how I’ll feel on the day. I think I’ll open my bench on 47.5kg as usual. And for deadlifts, I managed to do 115kg without a hitch (or at least without an exaggerated one!) so I might throw caution to the wind & open with that. Why the hell not.

Videoing my deadlifts the other week has really helped me see what my hitch looked like, and be able to think of ways not to do it. I’m not entirely there yet, but on the way to sorting it out (I hope!)