Done for 2013

I went to Bethnal Green last night for what I think is going to be my last lifting session of 2013. I just had a little play – 3 x 3 squats @ 60kg, some Dimel deadlifts, dumbbell bench presses and skullcrushers.

To be honest, I’m a bit fed up mentally with powerlifting at the moment and I think a break until next year will do me good. And in any case, I will be busy over the Christmas period so probably won’t find time to workout (I volunteer at Crisis between Christmas & NYE, so I don’t have much free time over my holiday!).

I make new year resolutions every year, and this year will be no different. 2013’s resolutions involved making a total at the GBPF Classic (which I did) and eating eggs for breakfast most days (which I didn’t – I’ve fallen in love with Oatibix instead!)

In 2014 I would really like to hit a 100kg squat; go to grappling regularly (maybe every 2 weeks or so, because it clashes with my commitment to Codebar) and work on my grip every workout with farmer’s walks, static bar holds etc. If I don’t make that 120kg deadlift at my next competition because my grip fails again I will be very upset!

I’m going to go to conditioning at Urban Kings today, and since I’m working on Monday/Tuesday next week I might even find some time to do some foam rolling there next week too. Maybe!