So you want to lift at Bethnal Green Weight Lifting Club?

I won’t deny I spend a bit of time trying to recruit people into powerlifting, especially at Bethnal Green WLC, and I’ve had a few requests for info on how to sign up there, what level you need to be at, what it’s like etc etc. It’s actually a bit complex to sign up, as BGWLC is not a regular commercial gym, so here’s the info you need.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This post is now out of date. Bethnal Green now has an official website – Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club – and Facebook page – please check those out for info!

Where is it?

BGWLC is at:

229 Bethnal Green Road
E2 6AB

The entrance is on Turin Street, near the corner of Bethnal Green Road. Nearest transport is Bethnal Green tube/rail; Shoreditch High Street Overground; Liverpool St rail or 8 & 388 buses.

When are the sessions & how do I sign up?

BGWLC is nominally administered by Tower Hamlets council, and is run on a term-by-term basis by their adult education service. The new 2014 term starts on January 13th.

The way to sign up for sessions is by calling 020 7364 5665 and quoting the course code(s) you want.

[Normally this could be done via but Tower Hamlets seem to have taken that site down!]

Mon 5-7pm B2435 (powerlifting)
Mon 7-9pm B1521 (powerlifting)
Tue 10.30-12.30pm B2090 (powerlifting)
Tue 6-8pm B1524 (powerlifting)
Wed 7-9pm B1525 (Olympic weightlifting)
Thu 10.30-12.30pm B1526 (powerlifting)
Thu 5-7pm B2434 (powerlifting)
Thu 7-9pm B1528 (powerlifting)
Fri 7-9pm B2309 (Olympic weightlifting)
Sat 10-12pm B1529 (Olympic weightlifting – beginners)
Sat 12-2pm B2307 (powerlifting)

These codes are valid for January 2014 only

The cost is £45 per term (10 weeks) for one session a week; so if you sign up for 2 sessions it’s £90, etc.

BGWLC offers Olympic Weightlifting & powerlifting. I only do powerlifting, so I’m afraid I can’t offer much info about Olympic weightlifting.

I train on Monday & Thursday evenings 7-9pm (I’m usually there 6.30pm onwards), and Saturday 12-2pm.

What will I learn?

The sessions are not taught formally, but if you need coaching it is available. Many of the people who lift are fitness professionals or experienced lifters, but absolute beginners are completely welcome.

You’ll learn the squat, bench press & deadlift, as well as the accessory lifts and general badassery. There’s no focus on weight/fat loss or aesthetics.

What should I wear?

Wear flat plimsolls or daps, e.g Converse. Avoid wearing shaped-sole running shoes! Clothes-wise, anything is fine – I like wearing capris/running tights, t-shirt & sports bra (the latter isn’t strictly necessary but is good for comfort).

Can I check it out before I sign up?

Yep! The gym is open outside of term times. I will be there on the days I’ve bolded, but at other times you can ask to see Martin/Giles and have a chat.

2nd Jan 6-8pm
3rd Jan 5-9pm
4th Jan 12-3pm
6th Jan 6-8pm
7th Jan 5-8pm
8th Jan 5-9pm
9th Jan 6-8pm
10th Jan 5-9pm
11th Jan 12-3pm


11 thoughts on “So you want to lift at Bethnal Green Weight Lifting Club?

  1. olly

    This was incredibly informative. Regarding signing up for two sessions, on the Facebook it states there are club sessions for each groups that run three times a week. Is this something you have experience with? Is it still worth signing up for two courses or just attending all the club sessions?

    1. lozette Post author

      Hi! The club thing Giles mentions is for people who want to compete, or at least train PL/WL more seriously than just recreationally. It’s worth signing up for 3 sessions if you’re already lifting & want to make it a serious thing – both the WL & PL coaches devise a 3-session-per-week programme which the more experienced lifters follow.

      I don’t know if Giles is running a WL beginners’ course this year, but if you want to learn PL it’s OK to sign up to one or two sessions a week where you’ll learn the basics. If you’re already experienced, you could always sign up to 1/2 sessions, and note down the other day’s routines (they’re always written on a whiteboard!) and do them in your own time!

      Are you a novice or already lifting?

  2. daneandrewlam

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for all the info!

    I’m really interested in doing some power lifting and oly lifting with you guys. Have been Crossfitting for a year now but it is becoming prohibitively expensive plus I’d like to try and dial in better lifting technique.

    I’d ideally like to aim for 2 oly sessions and 1 PL session per week. Is that what I’d need to sign up for in order to be allowed to train 3 times per week at the gym? If I wanted to train another day per week (i.e. 4 times) would that entail me signing up for 4 classes for the term?

    Thanking you!


    1. lozette Post author


      You can sign up for as many sessions as you want! Although you will have to be quick, as term has started now & I think some of the sessions are full up. If you want to do 4 sessions, you’d need to sign up for 4. It would be worth talking to the coaches (Giles for Oly & Martin for PL) to discuss how you could split your training effectively.

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    1. lozette Post author

      It starts w/b 21st April. I hope it’s not too late to sign up, as I haven’t signed up myself yet 😉

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  5. Lindsey

    Hi! Wondering how sign up is handled now, or if there is a number I could call? Seems that TH is no longer supporting the club?

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