Training 2nd-6th January

I haven’t done a training log here for a while. I took 2 weeks off completely over Christmas & New Year, partially due to commitments and partially because I just needed a break to get my head straight. I’ve trained 4 times so far in 2014 – 3 lifting sessions and one conditioning – and while I was pretty feeble for the first couple, I seem to be getting my groove back.

On the 2nd January I did some light squats & benching; although the squats (5 sets of 3 @ 50kg) didn’t feel light!! I seem to have retained more strength in my arms, though, and benching 3 sets of 5 reps @ 35kg felt just fine.

On 3rd January I went to conditioning at Urban Kings, which was awful. My endurance is very poor at the best of times, and was just worse after my break. I came very close to being sick while flipping the bodybag. I think I might need to go to a kettlebell class, at least once, as we use kettlebells in conditioning all the time and I just don’t know how to do a kettlebell C&P properly (I end up bruising my forearms & hurting my wrists).

On 4th January I went back to BGWLC & did some light deadlifts (although once again they didn’t feel light!) – 5 doubles @ 80kg; and some heavier bench – 5 triples @ 40kg. Both sessions at BGWLC were just “play” sessions, with no programming.

Last night was the first session back on the program. Everyone is training to compete at Woking Power in March, for the GBPF South-East Open. I’m not going to compete but I’ll follow the program anyway. I’m not sure what our coach has used for the basis of the program – recently we’ve been training using Westside principles, but I think this program might be a bit more EliteFTS. Who knows, though – I don’t spend any time studying different training regimes, I just do what’s written on the gym whiteboard!!

So last night I had 5 x 5 paused squats (2 sec pause) @ 60% or 55kg. I thought these would be awful as the 50kg regular squats I did on Thursday were hard; but they were OK – the first 2 reps of each set was fine, the following 3 kinda hard. I’m enjoying paused squats as they really make you think about keeping your core tight & your form good at the bottom.

Then deficit deadlifts, 8 explosive singles @ 60% or 70kg. Apparently I’m not explosive enough 😦 Something to work on.

Then chin-ups. Hahaha. Yeah, I’ve never done a single chin- or pull-up and I never train them, never. I tried to swap these for hangs (since I’ve only recently been able to hang for 10s – yes my grip is that poor) but no dice. I ended up doing 3 sets of 5 wide-grip pullups with both the heaviest resistance band and someone assisting me. Rubbish!

Then dumbbell shrugs: 2 sets of 10 with 15kg dumbbells, followed by 1 set of 20. I know my traps could handle more weight, but my hands can’t.

All in all, a really good workout and today I feel appropriately sore. I was worried I’d feel feeble for ages after my break, but I think I did pretty well last night.


2 thoughts on “Training 2nd-6th January

  1. Alis

    Keep the posts coming, I’m really interested in your training.
    Interesting about the pull ups. Well you only get good at what you practice! I’m sure if you did them regularly you’d get really good at them.

    Do you bent over rows? What do you do for back?

    1. lozette Post author

      I literally only do the training Martin puts on the board – sometimes that includes bent-over rows, but last night it didn’t!

      I have no intention of practising the pullups unless they appear on the board again – they were awful 😉

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