New year

It was my birthday 2 days ago, which means that I start my “new me” January a bit later than most. Who wants to be avoiding cake & booze on one’s birthday, after all? I was 37, which I know is not very old, but I do feel a bit freaked out about it. Maybe it’s not so much my age but the feeling that time is going very fast indeed! Still, in 3 years’ time I will be in the Masters age group for competitions!

Last night was the first day of term at Bethnal Green, and we had 7 new lifters in total – including 3 ladies! I stayed behind after I’d finished my workout to help train 2 of the ladies, which was fantastic. I think I’ll be doing that regularly on Mondays from now on, even though it means not getting home until nearly 10pm.

For my own workout, I had more 2 second paused squats (5 reps @ 60kg, then 4 sets of 5 reps @ 62.5kg); more speed pulls off a block (8 singles @ 72.5kg + chains) and more pullups. I actually looked forward to the pullups this time! I still need to use the heaviest assistance band to do them, but hopefully I can swap to a medium band soon.

I am not planning to compete until June, but I’ve started thinking about getting my weight down before then (since it is the single most stressful pre-competition thing I have to deal with). After Christmas I was 74kg, which is only 2kg over comp weight. I’d like to gradually squeeze off those 2kg and keep them gone for a while, so I’m not dealing with crash-diet horror at a more critical time.

That said, I’m off to Florida for a holiday at the end of the month, and I always seem to put on weight in the USA!

In other news, I have submitted a talk to a conference about powerlifting. I am both really excited about the prospect of doing it (assuming it’s accepted) and utterly terrified that I will have to do it (assuming it’s accepted). I have only ever talked in front of small groups of 10-20 people, not a whole conference with a lectern & stuff. Yikes.


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