Programming, and a training log

One thing you’re not going to find on my blog (for now, anyhow) is talk about different lifting programs; you know – 5/3/1 vs Smolov vs Cube etc. I read a lot of lifting blogs that debate the merits of different programs, I find them interesting and wonder if I should be trying out other programs but… I don’t use them. In fact when people ask me what kind of training regime I have, all I can say is… whatever my coach puts on the board that week.

I have in the past considered trying out a program of my own, but it seems almost churlish to train in a gym with a coach and not follow that coach’s program, right? I think I did about 2 weeks of 5/3/1 with Big But Boring (BBB) before I swapped back to my coach’s program because I was jealous of the cool stuff everyone else was doing! I do actually think that my bench might benefit from a round of Smolov Jr, but again, I’m not sure how to fit that in with my other training sessions there. And I also think it’d be a bit rude!

That said, I can see elements of established powerlifting regimes in our training. When I first started, 5/3/1 was the thing. At the moment we’re using a lot of percentages, Ed Coan style, and our accessory work has flavours of EliteFTS in it. Overall, I don’t question – I just get on with it, as I trust our coach to know what he’s doing (after all, we have British champions training at BGWLC)

Anyhow, last night I had paused squats again. This was my 3rd week of paused squats; in week 1 I did 5 x 5 @ 55kg; in week 2, 5 x 5 @ 62.5kg; week 3 was 5 sets of 3 @ 70kg. I was supposed to be doing 80% or 74kg, but I didn’t feel quite up to that. In the end, the 70kg was OK – hard going but not utterly impossible. I enjoy paused squats because they really make me think about controlling the descent & keeping my shape at the bottom. I think a few reps went over into the dreaded “squat morning”, but overall they were good.

After that, 6 single rack pulls at 80-90% + chains. I chose 100kg (86%) + a pair of 13kg chains, with the rack at just below knee height. These were supposed to be for speed but… yeah, no speed. They felt heavy and slow,and I almost gave up after 5.

Accessory work was machine rows, wide-grip pullups (I still need the heaviest band for these – sigh), glute + ham raises, reverse hyperextensions, upright rows and standing cable crunches. Today my lower back feels destroyed!


3 thoughts on “Programming, and a training log

  1. mandy @ fatgirlgonehealthy

    It would be difficult to go off doing my own program when I’ve got a coach that does it for me. You do have to put some trust in a coach’s program. Maybe you can talk to him about doing some other stuff on your own to improve your bench?

    1. lozette Post author

      Maybe… I mean, I only *think* my bench might improve with Smolov Jr from reading the big gains others have made on it. Then again those others are possibly still in their newbie gains phase, I don’t know!

      I originally joined my 2nd gym to get more bench time in, but so far I’ve not done more than my prescribed benching because I’ve only been doing classes at my other gym! I need more hours in the week to fit it all in 😉

  2. G

    Speaking of plans and bench… the plan I’m working through recommends doing pushups instead of bench to develop those sets of muscles. Would that be something that you could fit in more easily? Bench needs specialized equipment but you can bust out pushups almost anywhere 🙂

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