Scheduling woes

I am quite the grouch today. For starters, I didn’t sleep well last night – I think I’m jetlagged after my holiday (despite attempts to fight it off over the weekend). Sunday nights are a bad one for me to miss sleep, as I have work until 5.30; then gym 6ish-8ish; then I stay on at the gym to help out my coach; before finally getting home at 9.30pm (if he gives me a lift home) or 10pm (if I get the tube). Then I eat dinner with my boyfriend & go to bed, usually to a bad night’s sleep – eating late makes me sleep poorly!

I am also a grump because I want to do more conditioning, but I’m struggling to fit it into my schedule. There is a kettlebells class at Urban Kings I’d like to go to on Tuesday lunchtimes – but it’s a 60 minute class, which adds up to a 90 minute trip to the gym (if you factor in walking to & from the gym, changing & shower). Like most people who work, I have an hour for lunch max. Why schedule a class for a full 60 minutes at lunchtime? I guess people manage to do it, but who are these people?!

There is a 50 minute kettlebells class there on Thursdays, but since I have heavy bench & chest on Thursday evenings, it doesn’t work with my schedule. Sigh.

So yes, I am grouchy that I can’t seem to fit in all the stuff I’d like to do. I am, I admit, jealous of people who don’t have to worry about things like lunchbreaks & working hours đŸ˜¦ Then again, my jealousy is a grass-is-greener thing – if I didn’t work, then I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in financially. Swings & roundabouts!

(If you’re wondering why I’m thinking about going to a kettlebell class as opposed to just working with KBs on my own – it’s because I have no idea how to use KBs and want to learn properly. We use them in conditioning and I’m a complete klutz with them – I know I will end up injuring myself one day. And besides, I pay for that gym so I can get tuition, you know?)

An alternative would be doing a boxing class on Tuesday evenings, 6-7pm, but that involves adding yet another late night to my week. My boyfriend only sees me in the evenings on Tuesdays & Fridays, taking another hour away from “our” time isn’t something I want! I need some time to relax at home.

Ugh, decisions decisions.

Do you struggle with fitting in all the gym time you want, with your work & other commitments? How do you schedule your time?


6 thoughts on “Scheduling woes

  1. Alis

    I too always wonder how people are able to exercise in their lunch break. Even a 45 minute workout in an hour’s break must be tight! Where do you fit in the commute to/from the gym, the showering, and the eating lunch?

    1. lozette Post author

      I do a 50 min conditioning class on Fridays, and I *only* feel OK doing this because Fridays are traditionally a bit of a “long lunch” day, at least in the companies I’ve worked in. So I don’t feel too bad taking 1h 10min to work out, shower & get back to the office, when my colleagues are at the pub!! But I couldn’t do it more than once a week without feeling VERY guilty, you know?!

  2. Sally Moss

    I sympathise! Before I worked in a gym, I used to have to schedule my entire life around Bethnal Green opening times.
    Now I still do to an extent, but at least I have other options too as I have the keys to five different gyms.

  3. G

    I’m very lucky to have a small gym on-site at my work, so I can just go downstairs for a workout. I still feel bad stepping away from my desk for a while, though. And the gym offers classes I’d like to try out, but for me it’s a real challenge to do a normal lifting workout in the morning and then a kettlebell class in the afternoon! I get so tired (and sore).

  4. Camila

    Luckily, I work at a place where I am permanent and don’t give much of a shit about being away from my desk for over an hour. I manage to go down to the gym (at work) 4 days per week at lunchtime for 50 minute workouts. No guilt whatsoever – I play the “work/life/health balance” card they are all so big on to justify my gym-ing!

    1. lozette Post author

      I do 2 50 min workouts a week & feel OK about that, I just feel 60 mins is pushing it. Or maybe I just shouldn’t care & do it anyhow?!

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