Training & conditioning log, 7-8th February

I feel I have to apologise a bit for my super-whiny (and defensive!) last post. I’m very used to spilling my guts candidly online, but in the past I always kept it for my LiveJournal, which was more private. I keep forgetting that this is not LiveJournal, and I’m not 25 any more (25 being my equivalent of 17 – lord knows how angsty I’d have been if online journalling had been a thing in my teens!!)

On Friday I went to conditioning at Urban Kings as usual. I felt awful before I went – tired (from not sleeping well on Thursday night due to all the tears), sad, pissed off etc.

Go Ruck fever has, predictably, swept through Urban Kings recently, and the session ended up being a bit of prep for those people doing the London Go Ruck in March. I’m not doing Go Ruck, and I was (maybe understandably) a bit disappointed in the session. Instead of our usual circuits with weights/ropes/KBs etc, we did more straight running, crawling & bodyweight exercises. Have I mentioned how much I HATE bear crawls? Maybe my arms are ridiculously short, but I can’t seem to do them without falling on my face every few steps.

One task we had to do was 200 shoulder-to-shoulder with a sandbag. I chose the lightest bag (10kg) but these were so hard. At one point I paused for too long and was made to do 4 lengths of the dojo in… a bear crawl. I completely lost count after that & just carried on doing shoulder-to-shoulders until everyone else had finished and the instructor told me to stop.

During my “punishment” crawls I did actually consider getting up & walking out. It was one of those “hang on, why do I pay so much money just to be humiliated here?!” moments. But I stuck with it, and managed not to burst into tears – it was close though!

The only good part of the session was when we had to carry each other 4 lengths of the dojo (maybe 80m?). I was paired with a guy who was about 5’10” & maybe 80kg. As I’m only 5’2″, I’m sure he looked pretty ridiculous on my back, but I managed to carry him the whole way, with 3 successful turns. I’ve never carried anyone like that before, and was pretty pleased with myself. Hopefully that’s good practise for when I finally do a yoke carry!

On Saturday it was off to BGWLC as usual for speed day. Or, “speed” day in my case. I’m following a program which is taking everyone up to the South East championships on 2nd March, so we’re almost maxed out now, while I’m still recovering from my week away. I’m not lifting at the SE – I hate the venue with a passion & never want to lift there again!

  • Squats: worked up to 8 doubles @ 70kg + red bands (horrific; these took me 45 minutes from warm-up to finish!)
  • Bench: worked up to 3 x 3 @ 35kg + 13kg chains; then 3 x 3, narrow grip @ 27.5kg + 13kg chains
  • Flat dumbbell bench press: worked up to 4 doubles with 15kg dbs, then one double with 17.5kg dbs
  • Pullups: 3 sets of 5 with the heaviest band (I still suck at these)
  • Cable crunch, stretching etc

I was meant to do some glute & hams, but I ran out of time.