Weekend workouts & food


It’s a nice day here in London for a change, so the other half & I went for a nice stroll up to Wanstead ponds for the first time. We’ve not lived in this bit of London for very long, so are just discovering new places.

Friday’s conditioning was pretty much the same as the previous week’s, only this time I was paired with a lady of about my size for the piggybacks instead of a man, so that was slightly easier!

Yesterday at BGWLC was all high-rep accessory work, yuck. I know it’s necessary, but it’s not my favourite. I still haven’t mastered power cleans with 15kg dumbbells, which is annoying; I can do the left hand OK, but my weaker right hand just can’t catch the db at the top. I know they have 14kg dbs at Urban Kings, so maybe I should have a try with those there.

  • DB power cleans: 12.5kg, 3 sets of 5
  • Single-arm shoulder press: 10.5kg, 3 sets of 5
  • Upright row: 1 x 8 @ 15kg, 2 x 8 @ 20kg
  • Machine row: 20kg each hand, 3 sets of 8
  • Seated good mornings: 40kg, 2 sets of 12
  • Dimel deadlifts: 40kg, 2 sets of 20
  • Good mornings & pullthroughs: 5 sets of 10 each
  • Cable crunch: 30kg, 3 sets of 10
  • Spiders, 2 sets

I kind of regret talking about food on here now, as – because we cannot put the sum of all our knowledge into a single blog post – I think I look a total imbecile for not making it clear that I know to eat more protein & filling foods etc. A special mention goes out to the (unapproved!) commenter who implied I “snacky snacky” all day and that Matt knows more about nutrition than I do (Matt is brilliant but the reason I said he was going to make me more protein-y lunches is because… he does the cooking, bless him). “Snacky snacky”, seriously? I’m thirty freaking seven.

After talking to other lifting types I know I’m actually really surprised that others seem to eat significantly less than I thought they did. I guess I did believe the “I eat all the food!” stuff; or that my idea of “all the food” is more than others’! I have said in the past that I feel weird when someone posts a picture of their “enormous meal” and it’s what I’d consider a normal meal.

(No shame or embarrassment, though – I have a big appetite, am a big girl and am lucky enough to have never restricted/had an ED. Nothing wrong with any of those.)

Anyhow. Right now Matt is preparing our usual Sunday roast – chicken today – with goosefat roast potatoes, parsnips, broccoli & carrots. There’s pulled pork in the oven & Matt’s homemade BBQ sauce on the stove, both ready for my weekday lunches. This week is going to be a good food week.