Where’s the food?

Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust recently tweeted this image:

A plus-size model wearing a long-sleeved black t-shirt. Text on the t-shirt reads: WTF Where's the Food

A plus-size model wearing a long-sleeved black t-shirt. Text on the t-shirt reads: WTF Where’s the Food

Considering my recent thoughts on weightlifting/Crossfitting women “eating all the food”, this image is interesting. The model in the picture is plus-sized (for a model). Does the text on the t-shirt have a different meaning when juxtaposed with her body, compared to if it was placed on an athletic woman’s body?

Is eating all the food OK if you’re athletic/a weightlifter/Crossfitter, but not OK if you’re plus sized? Or does it not make a difference?

I’m not sure how I feel about this t-shirt. I’d probably wear it, but I’d feel self-conscious about wearing it around people who didn’t know I lift, if you see what I mean?

What do you think? Does the meaning of the text on this shirt change depending on who’s wearing it? Would you wear it?


3 thoughts on “Where’s the food?

  1. Myf

    I’d wear that – I like the style, for starters, but also I do find the caption quite funny. I think my husband would find it funny too; one of the things he finds endearing about me (I have no idea why) is my greed (or “how much I enjoy food” if you want to put it non-judgementally). I guess I often wear things that only people in my family would “get” – eg kitsch jumper with a kitten on it, worn quasi-ironically; t-shirt with “I live Sushi” on it, because our cat is called Sushi… so I guess, as a cursory attempt at self-analysis, that’s why I’d feel quite happy wearing this.

    1. lozette Post author

      Yep, I’d wear it for similar reasons I think. When George tweeted it I think she was offended at the implication that fat women = can’t stop eating, which I can also see. I think it’s interesting, as if you put that shirt on a slender, fitspo type women the message would be “woo yeah I eat loads and it’s great!”, but the message isn’t the same on a fat woman. And that annoys me!

  2. mandy @ fatgirlgonehealthy

    The meaning shouldn’t change depending on who wears it but in reality in our society it does have different meaning depending on who wears it. Sad but true. : ( I’d love to see somebody wearing it….funny little slogan.

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