Review: MyProtein Total Breakfast

MyProtein's Total Breakfast product

MyProtein’s Total Breakfast product

A few posts ago I mentioned that I’d ordered a pouch of MyProtein’s Total Breakfast, along with my usual whey protein. I was curious to try this out, as I usually have either Oatibix or Mornflake Toasted Oatbran with greek yogurt for breakfast but wanted to get more protein – without ditching my beloved oats. Seriously, I love oats. I know we’re all meant to eat eggs for breakfast but dammit I love oats. Ahem. Anyhow.

Total Breakfast is a shake mix containing whey, egg white, caffeine and oats (yay!) among other things. I ordered the vanilla flavour, with the idea that if it tasted truly horrible, I could add other things to it to mask the flavour. It’s a bit harder to do that with strawberry or chocolate shakes.

I admit, I was cynical. I am not generally a fan of protein products – I eat them because I have to, not because I choose to. I must have a spoiled palate, because I find products which other people declare as “delicious” (you know, like protein pancakes or raw paleo carb-free primal whatever protein balls) to be decidedly not delicious. So I was expecting Total Breakfast to be – at best – something I had to choke down rather than enjoy (you know, like Oatibix…OK, I’ll stop going on about how much I love oats. For now.)

I got my pouch in the usual super-speedy way I get all my MyProtein products. Top marks. Total Breakfast only comes in 2.1kg pouches, which is a lot (especially if it turned out I didn’t like it!) and you need 2 scoops (70g) to make up your shake, along with 400-500ml of liquid. To that end, it’s a good job I already owned a large protein shaker, as my standard SmartShake would not have been big enough.

I’ve been having my breakfast shakes with milk, so I can’t comment on the taste with water. However, the shake made up with milk is….surprisingly not awful! In fact, it’s pretty damn palatable. This is high praise indeed from me, hater of vegetables & lover of Krispy Kremes. The shake tastes, to me, like a melted Mr Whippy ice-cream, although the texture is obviously quite different thanks to the non-dissolving milled oats. But the texture is not unpleasant – if nothing else it’s a bit like very runny Ready-Brek.

As for mixability – it’s OK. Having a blender bottle like this one definitely helps, as does adding the powder to the liquid. Adding the liquid to the powder resulted in a rather concrete-like shake on the first day.

I’ve found that the shake takes me quite a lot longer to drink than the time I need to throw a bowl of Oatibix down my gullet (read: not very long at all) so I’ve been carrying it on my journey to the station (one mile, twice a day!) and drinking it on the train. Maybe this is just me, though – YMMV on how quickly you can gulp an extra-thick shake.

As for satiety – I have my Total Breakfast at 8.40am (on the train!) and am still feeling satisfied by the time lunchtime rolls around, so that’s a win.

Overall, I was really pleasantly surprised. OK, I may change my tune after 4 months of drinking the same damn breakfast every damn day, but for the moment I’m happy with it. I may actually try making my utter “oh god these taste awful” nemesis – protein pancakes – with it & shall report back if I do.

Note: this review was not endorsed by MyProtein. But hey, if you guys want to send me some free stuff…!


8 thoughts on “Review: MyProtein Total Breakfast

  1. Helen

    I have yet to meet a flavoured protein powder I like, luckily I do like unflavoured (I buy mine from pro-10). I really struggle with eating a nutritious breakfast because between getting the kids fed and ready for school and me ready for the world the time to make something (like salmon and wilted spinich lol!) seems to go out the window. Are you going to have this 7/7 or have the weekends off?

    1. lozette Post author

      Weekends definitely off, as Matt & I eat breakfast together on the weekends (and I’m not going to make him drink this stuff!). On Sundays we usually have a “skillet breakfast” made up of new potatoes, chorizo, bacon, jalapenos, eggs & cheese. YUM πŸ™‚

    1. lozette Post author

      Yeah, I’m a bit surprised at those… then again, if you’re a bro who wants to get all his supplements and protein and oats at the same time…. (And you can’t blame MP for wanting to cash in, if people are willing to buy it!) πŸ™‚

  2. mandy @ fatgirlgonehealthy

    Screw the protein shake, I really want that skillet breakfast! Ha. I’m like you, I hate protein powder and only drink them because I need to get more protein. It’s hard to find a decent one that doesn’t have artificial sweeteners. I thought I was the only one that thought protein powders were gross because people rave about them all the time in the internet world. My taste buds just aren’t into them.

    1. lozette Post author

      Yeah, artificial sweeteners are hard to avoid, unless you go for unflavoured proteins or the really expensive “raw” kind. I don’t have artificial sweeteners in any other foods I eat, though, so I just excuse myself for protein powders!

      I honestly think that when some people rave about protein powders they’re protesting too much, IYKWIM? They can’t be *that* good. Unless you’re used to eating really flavourless rubbish!!

  3. G

    I am infinitely amused that this powder has caffeine in! I think I would still need my coffee…

    If it helps, I’ve been doing the fruit/protein powder smoothie breakfast for about 4 years now and it hasn’t gotten too-too old. I like the brand of hemp protein I’ve settled on, but I have to buy it in giant jars off Amazon. It’s nice to have variations for seasonal fruits, or when you run out of something. Do you have a blender you can enlist for the cause?

    1. lozette Post author

      I do have a blender…. I’m just the world’s laziest person and am not organised enough to buy fruit & make smoothies!! πŸ˜‰

      I need coffee too, despite the caffeine in the the shake! I have a coffee when I wake up & one or two more once I get to work. I seem to be quite immune to it….

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