Talking about powerlifting, part ??

You might recall that a couple of months ago I did a 5-minute lightning talk at Ladies Who Code on powerlifting. The lady who organises LWC also helps to run Devs Love Bacon, a conference about “things developers love” and she suggested I apply & do an extended version of my talk. I was all gung-ho about public speaking at that point, and decided why the hell not.

Weeks pass, and my enthusiasm about public speaking totally wanes. So not interested in that any more. So of course Bacon accept my talk and now I have to do it. YIKES.

The Benefits of Powerlifting for the Desk-bound Geek by moi.

I haven’t written the talk yet – I just have my outline and the 5-minute talk I did before; this one has to be 30 minutes. I specifically put that I was into body positivity and HAES in my intro, so I need to work hard over the next month or so to get back to a positive place with my self-image. I think I can do it. I know I can do it.

Tonight I’m not going to the gym (I’m only missing out on setting openers for a competition I’m not doing!) and instead I’m off to Soapbox: your first steps to public speaking confidence.

I’m so nervous. I just have to remind myself that if I can stand up on a lifting platform in a room full of people, looking like a string of sausages stuffed into a singlet, pulling faces like a champion gurner; then I can do this talk. Probably.