Gym visitors & the SE Open

Today at BGWLC we had Andy Rodney stop by for a visit, which was pretty awesome. We have some really great lifters at the club, but it’s always an honour when someone well-known comes to train with us.

Unfortunately, my slightly juvenile hopes of deadlifting something impressive in front of him went out the window, and I could only pull 110kg. I tried for 115kg but once again, I felt like I was going to lose my lunch. I’ve been a bit, ahem, burpy recently & keep feeling like I’m going to explode when I deadlift & squat heavy; like loads of air gets trapped around my belt, IYSWIM? It’s not nice.

In addition to pulling that relatively hard-feeling 110kg, I also benched 45kg for 2 sets, of 3 & 5 reps each. If I counted 5-rep maxes, that would be a new one. Pretty good going, I reckon.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the GBPF South East open in Woking. I wasn’t lifting, because I’ve been feeling like I need a break from competition (plus I’m too heavy); and also because I just really don’t like Woking Power as a venue. No offense to them, I know they’re only working with what they have, but it’s not a great place. There’s no ladies’ changing room, for starters!

But the competition was good. Loads of BGWLC lifters took part, including my current training partner who was doing her first competition. She got a very good total & has qualified for the British Classic, which is brilliant!

I think I have a couple of posts brewing about competitions & stuff, especially about how to pick your openers and what to expect from your first competition. But right now I’m tired (it’s been a very long couple of days!) so I’m off to bed.