Back to competition

You know how I said I wasn’t going to compete again until June? Well, a few days ago my coach told me there’s a competition in April at Moulton College, which is my #1 favourite venue to lift at. And what’s more, it’s on April 26th, which is almost 5 years to the day since I first walked into BGWLC. How could I resist? I sent off my entry fee and found out today that I’ve definitely made the list (they’re only having 40 lifters). Hurray!

So to that end, on Monday we’re starting our program for the competition. We only have 6 or 7 weeks so it won’t be anything too complex. This also means I have to get my stupid weight under control, argh.

My boyfriend is away on business at the moment so I’ve been eating differently… usually failing to plan my dinner (because I’m used to him doing that for me!) but also eating lots more vegetables. Last night I had beef bolognese on… brussels sprouts. Let’s face it, nothing will ever be as great as pasta, but bolognese on sprouts was, well, edible. I think from now until April 26th, vegetables & I are going to have to become more friendly (I’m a fair-weather friend, though; they’ll be out on their ear soon enough!)

I no longer trust my home scales so have decided I’m going to weigh myself once a week on the scales at BGWLC, which are calibrated for competitions. It does mean I won’t be weighing myself “empty”, but there you go.

Tonight I just had a little play in the gym – 3 sets of 5 squats @ 60kg; some 40kg Dimels, hyperextensions, band curls & abs. Nothing big. I’m not going to go in on Saturday to make sure I’m all fresh & ready to go on Monday; I think we’re going straight into sets of fives @ 80%.

<small self-doubt bit>

At the competition I watched on Sunday, there was one lifter who had weighed in to the 72kg class – my class – by accident, and only by 0.5kg. She remarked that she couldn’t possibly lift at the level of the women in the 72kg class and thought she was going to be uncompetitive. Well, she lifted way more than I can (possibly ever will) and frankly, that left me feeling a bit shit. I’m quite embarrassed that after nearly five years I’m still only totalling the same as novice lifters 1-2 weight classes below mine. I didn’t say anything to the lady on Sunday & tried not to let her comments get to me; but, you know, it stung.

I do also feel a bit shit because my coach (quite rightly) pays more attention to other lifters at the gym who are doing greater things than me. Maybe it’s just because he knows that after all this time I mostly know what I’m doing & don’t need much daily guidance. Plus I can’t blame him for wanting to focus his attention on people who are looking to take records, go to the Worlds etc; after all, I’m just bumbling along being mediocre.

Ah well. I have lots of positive things happening – I mean, I’m still faithfully going to the gym three times a week after 5 years (!); and I have my talk coming up at Devs Love Bacon (eek!). Those are both good things. Yes.