What I ate…Friday

I really enjoy bloggers’ posts on what they eat & do on a typical day. Mine is, I guess, not so typical as I’m trying to cut weight (sob!) and Fridays are both conditioning days and treat days (who doesn’t like a treat on a Friday?!)

6.45am: Alarm goes off. Instant coffee with milk in bed. I was up at 1.45am (to let the cat out) and 5.20am (to let the cat in) so I’m feeling a bit tired.

8.15am: Set off to work, carrying breakfast. Walk 1 mile to Manor Park station to find all the trains are cancelled. Walk 1 mile to East Ham station & catch the tube instead.

9am: Finally drink breakfast on the tube – 2 scoops of MyProtein Total Breakfast + 400mls semi-skimmed milk.

9.45am: White filter coffee from Pret with 2tsp collagen hydrolysate.

Morning snacks: 1 small punnet of strawberries & 10 pecans.

12.15pm: 50 minutes of hell-like conditioning at Urban Kings.

  • Warm-up (jogging with occasional drops for burpees/situps/pushups/tuck jumps etc)
  • 3 rounds of: 50 squat jumps; 40 tuck jumps; 30 burpees; 20 pushups; 10 situps
  • 10 rounds of: 2 x 20m sprints; 5 pushups
  • 5 rounds of: 10 shoulder-to-shoulder with a 10kg sandbag; 10 kettlebell swings; 10 burpees; 10 kettlebell jerks
  • 3 minute plank
  • 50 Russian twists with 10kg sandbag
  • 100 flutter kicks

1.15pm: Protein shake – 1 scoop of MyProtein toffee whey with water.

1.30pm: Celery, cucumber & tomatoes dipped in peanut butter; 3 oatcakes, also dipped in peanut butter; 1 packet (125g) of ham.

Afternoon snacks: 1 hard-boiled egg & a banana.

8pm: 3 sausages, buttered mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts. Glass of red wine.

10pm (TBC): Bed. So tired.

To me that looks like a pretty healthy day’s food but I’m still not getting as much protein as I think I should, despite the Total Breakfast, protein shake & collagen hydrolysate*. Getting enough protein is proving pretty hard – I wanted to get 40% originally, but 30% seems to be a more realistic figure to aim for.

Today's macro breakdown

Today’s macro breakdown


  • 2200 kcals (roughly; I still don’t entirely trust tracking software)
  • 3+ miles walked (normally 2+, THANKS NETWORK RAIL)
  • Eleventy billion burpees performed

When I started this post this morning I was in a good mood, but I seem to be really cranky now. The trains were screwed in both directions on my commute today, and because I didn’t check in advance before I left home I ended up walking a mile more than I do usually. This wouldn’t bother me except quite a few people told me I “just needed to start walking” to lose the weight I gained recently and hello, I already walk 2+ miles every day, for transport. No, I dont live in Carlover-ville, thanks for assuming.

Also, I’m cranky because I’m having to restrict my food, and who wouldn’t be made cranky by that? Restricting, at a time when eating more is becoming very much the ‘in’ thing (but only for fit people, not us chubsters eh?) I do hate that I have a worse relationship with food now than I did at any prior point in my life.

OK, rant over.

Is it too late to give something up for Lent? I might give up reading health & fitness blogs.

* Pre-empting anyone thinking I’m using supplements instead of eating “real food” – I’m not, I just get a better balance with these supplements.