Protein pancakes

As promised, I had another go at making protein pancakes at the weekend. Protein pancakes are kind of my nemesis – I love pancakes, and I have yet to try a protein pancake recipe which actually tastes like pancakes. Most of the ones I’ve tried so far have just tasted like powder and heartbreak. So I admit I didn’t have much hope for these ones.

As an aside: just what is a protein pancake anyhow? Is it a pancake that contains mostly protein, or merely more protein than a regular pancake? Who makes up these terms anyhow?

Protein pancakes with MyProtein Total Breakfast

Makes 2 large pancakes

2 scoops (70g) of vanilla Total Breakfast from MyProtein
1 egg
Enough water to make a batter

Put your 2 scoops of MyProtein into a bowl, add the egg and a little water. Whisk, adding more water as needed, until you get a fairly runny pancake batter.

Leave the batter to sit for 5-10 minutes – this allows the oat powder in the batter to soften.

Cook as you would normal pancakes; I found that the sticky batter made a fairly thick, fluffy pancake (as opposed to a thin crèpe) which required longer cooking over a lower heat.

photo (10)

Taste-wise, these were actually pretty nice. Total Breakfast has artificial sweeteners in it, which you can definitely taste in the finished product, but it’s not overwhelming. In terms of texture, these are very close to thick, American-style pancakes.

These also come out lower in calories than my Total Breakfast shake – 251kcals for the Total Breakfast & 70kcals for the egg (plus any calories from butter/oil you use to cook the pancakes in; I also added a tbsp of maple syrup at the table!). They kept me full for a long time afterwards.

Since I had a “pancake day” on Saturday, I’ve decided to give something up for Lent (a bit late) – health & fitness blogs. I’ve found I enjoy lifting so much less now that I read them. Back when I began powerlifting and read pretty much nothing about it, I had a much happier relationship with it and my body. Not so much now. I started powerlifting because it enabled me to be fat and fit; but in my experience the more popular powerlifting gets, the more the cult of leanness creeps in.

A break from reading about lifting is what I need, so I’ve unsubscribed from the Facebook lifting groups I was in & won’t be following nutrition/fitness/health links from Twitter for a while. Hopefully the break will do me good!