I got my eating plan from Derry Temple today, with the intention that it’ll help me get down to <72kg for April 26th. I was worried it'd be massively restrictive but it's not too awful-looking – the main things I need to change are reducing my dairy intake; quitting the Total Breakfast (…I hardly knew you!) in favour of protein & fat; and reducing my daily fruit portions to one. I guess the breakfast thing means I need to get out of bed earlier so I can cook & eat at home. HORRORS.

He also measured my bodyfat % (with calipers). I haven’t had this done since I was working at the BBC & before I started lifting (just over 5 years ago). Back then I was 76kg & 42% bodyfat (age 32). Today I was 74.5kg & 30% bodyfat (age 37). So if my crappy calculations are correct, that’s around 9.5kg of fat lost & 8kg of muscle gained in 5 years, without any significant changes to my diet.

(I’m also taller than I thought – 159cm instead of 158! I’m a giant!!)

I admit, I’m pleasantly surprised – I had estimated I was maybe 32-35% bodyfat, judging from how big I am & how I look (not that I’m much of a judge of these things!). I do feel like a bit of a traitor for being pleased, though – I’m not as fat as I thought, am I a big fakey faker in the FA world? I definitely feel I belong more in the HAES & FA sphere than in any fitness community; after all, I am still nowhere near “socially acceptable” body parameters, and I have no intention of slimming to a size 12 or 20% bodyfat or whatever it is we’re meant to have for “health”. Plus, let’s face it, the fitness world can be full of sniping, put-downs & douchebaggery, and I don’t want to be associated with that.


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  1. Helen

    Interesting about the protein and fat breakfast, it’s obviously where it’s at in the nutrition world atm as that was what I was recommended to do. Currently I am having salmon fillet, boiled eggs (sprinkled with a tiny bit of mayo and paprika) and avocado. I have to say I am plesantly surprised at how full it keeps me until lunch. If you can’t face cooking in the morning all that can be done the evening before and eaten cold.

    I like the HAEs movement and I’m not fat, I waver over the fat acceptance as I do think it’s important not to stigmitise/bully people over their weight and yet I think health is important and yet health and weight are not necessarily linked and yet lots of people say they are and maybe it is at certain levels but yet look at Regan Chastain who is considerable fitter than a lot of my slim friends…at that point my brain explodes. Therefore my bottom line is you don’t judge people over their weight, it’s not my business. However I think you can support both HAEs and FA without necessarily being fat.

    1. lozette Post author

      Yeah, I agree you can support both movements without being fat. But I like calling myself fat, I would rather read fatshion blogs than fashion ones etc etc 🙂

      I can face cooking in the morning, but I’m not sure I can face getting up early enough to have cooked & eaten by 8.15am. And I often don’t get home until 9.30-10pm so cooking in the evening is a PITA (and I’m fussy about fridge-cold food!). I think I’m just going to have to force myself out of bed earlier.

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