Competition prep: week 2 day 2; and an injury

This entry is a bit delayed because, well, things have gone awry. On Thursday I lifted at BGWLC as usual; then on Friday I did my usual Saturday workout at Urban Kings, because I had two family events this weekend so couldn’t make it to BGWLC. So I did my deadlifts on Friday lunchtime, went back to work and… my back went. Seriously went.

I toughed it out through Friday afternoon, but by the time I got home in the evening I was in so much pain that I couldn’t take my own shoes off. On Saturday morning I couldn’t get out of bed without assistance.

It feels like sciatica, although obviously it being a weekend I haven’t consulted anyone about it. The pain starts in my lower back & goes through my butt into my hamstring. I saw a pharmacist on Saturday who sold me some codeine, which has taken the edge off the pain. I doubt I’ll be seeing my GP about this (at least not yet) because appointments with him are virtually impossible to get; but if I’m still in pain by the middle of the week I will go see a physio privately.

I spoke to my coach on the phone yesterday who told me to do some sciatica stretches & just see how I get on; I really doubt I’ll be doing my 5 x 5 squats @ 80% tomorrow, though!

So, what does this all mean? Well, my uneducated (medically) but educated (I know my body) guess is that I will miss a week of training – or at least, definitely deadlift & squat training; I can probably still bench. With so little time until April 26th, I guess I will have to wait & see if this means I will miss the competition. Which sucks but argh, what can you do?!

In the meantime, I spent around 8 hours in the car this weekend at various family events, which won’t have done my back any good at all. Right now I’m covered in Deep Heat & codeined up to the eyeballs. I also am meant to be starting my healthy eating plan tomorrow & have done no prep at all (I only got home at 8pm!)

Oh well. Fingers crossed this isn’t a long-term issue, eh?


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