So you want to lift at Bethnal Green Weight Lifting Club? Summer edition!

IMPORTANT! All this info is out of date – check out Bethnal Green’s new website.

The Spring term recently ended at Bethnal Green Weight Lifting Club, which means it’s 3 weeks until the Summer term starts and, yes, we need to sign up all over again.

My post on how to sign up to BGWLC is by far the most popular on my blog and I know it’s brought quite a few new people to the gym. The sign-up procedures are exactly the same as before, except the course codes have changed. As before, you need to call 020 7364 5665 and quote the course codes you want:

Mon 5-7pm C2435 (powerlifting)
Mon 7-9pm C1521 (powerlifting)
Tue 10.30am-12.30pm C2090
Tue 6-8pm C1524
Wed 7-9pm C1525 (weightlifting)
Thu 10.30am-12.30pm C1526
Thu 5-7pm C2434 (powerlifting)
Thu 7-9pm C1528 (powerlifting)
Fri 7-9pm C2309 (weightlifting)
Sat 10am-12pm C1529 (weightlifting)
Sat 12-2pm C2307 (powerlifting)

Sessions are mixed powerlifting & weightlifting, unless specified; all are Β£45 per term (so if you sign up to 2, it’s Β£90; 3 are Β£135 etc)

As before, these courses are run by Tower Hamlets council – I’m just providing the info! See my earlier post for a full explanation.


11 thoughts on “So you want to lift at Bethnal Green Weight Lifting Club? Summer edition!

    1. lozette Post author

      Good question! I just had a look on the Tower Hamlets website & it looks like classes start the w/b 21st April.

  1. Dana Hunter-Pau

    Hey guys, is it too late to join the summer term? bit confused as to what course run, is there olympic lifting or just power/weight lifting? what do the latter cover? Visited Giles two weeks ago so keeen to sign up! Many Thanks, Dana πŸ™‚

    1. lozette Post author

      Hi Dana,

      I don’t think it’s too late to sign up – the best thing to do is to ring the number & ask if places are available. Both types of session are available, but as far as I know there is no beginners’ Olympic weight lifting course. So if you want to learn Oly from the beginning you’ll need to ask Giles if there are any courses elsewhere. Ask him here:

      The powerlifting courses are suitable for beginners; if you sign up to one of the powerlifting days, Martin the PL coach will be there & will be able to guide you.

      1. Dana Hunter-Pau

        Hi, That is great news, I have had some olympic lifting training so should be ok, so for example if I was to choose fridays 7-9 C2309 it would be ten olympic lifting based saturdays?And who coaches the courses is it Giles? Thank you πŸ™‚ Dana

      2. lozette Post author

        If you already know how to lift then signing up to Fridays should be fine. Giles is there on Friday so can give you help if you need it.

  2. Dana Hunter-Pau

    So Fridays is the weight lifting intermediate? sorry about all the questions when I phoned the guy could not tell me much about the difference between the courses.

    1. lozette Post author

      The courses are not really “taught” courses, so the level doesn’t really matter – as long as you’re not a total beginner (there are no beginner courses). Giles will be there to advise, but it’s not taught per se.

      Sorry, I didn’t 100% understand your previous comment – you said “if I was to choose fridays 7-9 C2309 it would be ten olympic lifting based saturdays?” so I thought you were asking about Fridays. I think Fridays & Saturdays are pretty much the same.

      I’m afraid I don’t know an awful lot about the Oly sessions, as I only go to the powerlifting ones. Best to ask Giles directly on the Facebook page.

  3. Dana Hunter-Pau

    Sorry I meant sessions not saturdays…so sorry for all the questions, I just got confused as I want to join the club, then I heard there were courses so I thought right that is the best way to get coaching but then you said it’s not taught per se so is it just going there to train with feedback if I want like my visit? lol I have emailed Giles but he said to ask you also πŸ™‚

    1. lozette Post author

      Yep, the sessions are just like that – you train & can get feedback/help but there’s no structured learning. Giles probably sent you to me for the full details of how to sign up, as it’s a bit complex πŸ™‚

      Martin (powerlifting) & Giles both write suggested programs on the whiteboards at the gym for you to follow, which are useful if you need pointers on how to train.

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