Competition prep: week 4, day 2

Last night’s session at the gym was the first time, since I injured my back, that I’ve managed to do my program as prescribed! So while we’re not out of the woods yet (by any means) I think my back is getting better. I’m a bit sore today though.

  • Squats: worked up to 5 triples @ 70kg
  • Bench press: worked up to 4 triples @ 40kg, then a double @ 50kg (followed by two more reps with assistance)
  • Narrow dumbbell bench press: 3 sets of 10 @ 10.5kg
  • Single-arm rows: 7 reps each with 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg
  • Dumbbell farmer’s walks

The farmer’s walks were a bit humiliating, TBH. All the boys were using 50kg dbs, and the other lady I’m training with right now was using 45kg. I attempted 2 walks up & down the gym with a measly 25kg, but (as usual) the dumbbell fell out of my right hand before I could complete the second walk. I didn’t stop when it fell, so the dumbbell kinda went flying & I’m lucky I didn’t drop it on my (or anyone else’s) foot. I then tried doing laps with 20kg dumbbells, but once again they would fall out of my right hand before I could complete the laps. My right hand is utterly pathetic, so much smaller & weaker than my left. FRUSTRATING.

I really want to go to conditioning today; I’ve not been for 3 weeks now and I feel quite out of shape. But my back hurts – I had physio yesterday & Tuesday, which is obviously helping, but leaves me more sore in the immediate aftermath of treatment. I might just pop down to Urban Kings for the beginning of the conditioning class & ask the instructor what he thinks.

I have been thinking that its very nearly 5 years since I started at BGWLC (April 22nd), if I should mark it, and if so, how. I’m feeling a bit down about it at the moment, TBH, as 5 years on I’m still a “noob” in some peoples’ estimations (because apparently experience is measured in how much you can lift, not how long you’ve been lifting *mega eyeroll*); plus I really wanted to attempt a 100kg squat on April 26th & that’s probably not going to happen now. Oh self doubt! You old bastard.