Competition prep: week 5, day 1

Week 5 already! The time is flying and nope, I don’t feel ready at all. Mostly because my back is still sore and I feel like I’m hardly training at all – just twice a week for the last 3 weeks.

I think I’m going to have to accept that if I do manage to compete on the 26th, the best I can hope for is an OK-ish squat, pb attempt bench, and a token deadlift. My bench is going pretty well, but I haven’t dared deadlift since I injured my back, and right now I’m not even sure I could pull 100kg without my spine exploding.

Last night I was meant to do 3 doubles @ 90-95%; I picked 90% (85kg) as 95% (90kg) was just a step too far. I managed 2 good doubles with 85kg, but only a single for the last set as my back was having no more of that. When I got home I immediately iced my back, then put Deep Heat on before bed. This morning I feel pretty damn tight, and sore – but it’s more the “overworked” kind of sore than the “injured” kind of sore.

I also benched a nice easy 40kg (80%) for five triples; did a bunch of accessory work and lots of stretching. I am feeling cautiously optimistic about my bench – it’s definitely going well in the gym, however historically I do have a tendency to go to pieces with it in competition.

I have more physio today – hopefully the penultimate session. I really want to try deadlifting on Thursday.

I feel sad that I won’t be able to go all-out for new pbs on the 26th, but shit happens I guess. I don’t want to pull out totally – I love lifting at Moulton College, and besides, I’ve paid my fee!


2 thoughts on “Competition prep: week 5, day 1

  1. Randomly Typing

    Really hope the back sorts itself by your meet! You’ve been lifting long enough that the movement is probably second nature at this point, so maybe the extra time off will work to your benefit? (I know a few really good deadlifters that only train it a couple times a month!)

    1. lozette Post author

      We normally only DL a couple of times a month at my gym too… I am *reasonably* confident I will be able to pull a token amount at the competition, but I was hoping to go for a new pb & that’s not going to happen without proper training. I haven’t been doing full volume in anything except bench & bench accessory for weeks 😦 😦

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