I haven’t had much to write about here recently as, well, I’ve just not been training very much. My back finally feels 95% normal, and on Monday I’m going to set my squat opener for the Farm Open. Yes, I think I’m going to compete – I may regret it, but then again I think I would regret not competing.

On Thursday I ran up to max on bench. My current competition pb is 50kg (paused) which I’ve struggled to reproduce in the gym. On Thursday I had two attempts at 52.5kg without a pause – on the first one, I needed a little help to get the bar out of the hole, but on the second one I go it all by myself. I think on my first attempt I was surprised by how heavy it felt, hence I failed it. The second try felt so much better.

My coach then had me attempt 55, 57.5 & 60kg. On the first two I needed more help to get the bar off my chest, but the lock-out was all me. But the 60kg attempt was (understandably) so heavy, and I couldn’t control it down to my chest at all. I woke up during the night on Thursday/Friday with a sore left elbow, which was unsurprising.

At the gym yesterday I did 3 x 3 squats at 60kg without any back pain, and a few deadlift singles at 70kg. Today I feel fine, which is a good sign.

I’m thinking that at the competition I will do a token squat & deadlift (maybe 80-85kg & 90-100kg respectively) and attempt a new bench pb. So it won’t be a total waste, hopefully. This also means I don’t have to worry too much about getting <72kg bodyweight, as I'm not going to be making any record attempts!

I'm pretty sad that I won't be making an attempt at the squat divisional record next week (97.5kg) as I'd really hoped to get it before my talk on powerlifting at Bacon 2014. But oh well; I guess I can talk about the challenges of injury instead!!


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  1. geek23ka

    what is bacon 2014?
    i tried to bench a little under 60kg once (130 lbs) and it was a complete disaster. i think i will ask my coach if he will help me with it, just so i can feel it completed in my hands.
    best of luck and speedy healing! when is the competition?

    1. lozette Post author

      Bacon is a conference in London for developers – I’m doing a talk at it (devslovebacon.com).

      The competition is in 6 days, so I’ve basically run out of training time. I haven’t squatted or deadlifted heavy for 4 weeks now. I just hope people believe me when I say I’m injured 😉

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