Pre-competition nerves

I’m currently going backwards & forwards on my decision to compete at the Farm Open on Saturday. I’m not so much worried about injuring myself again, I’m more worried about doing crap lifts and making a fool of myself – which goes against everything I believe in regarding competing. I believe that people should be able to compete no matter what their standard, because competing is fun & satisfying; however I can’t seem to apply that to myself at the moment. It won’t even be “me vs me”, because I won’t be able to approach my current pbs in squat, deadlift & total.

On the other hand, I really like lifting at Moulton College (it’s one of the few venues with proper ladies’ changing rooms!); I would feel bad about having a meet t-shirt when I hadn’t lifted; and I have a decent chance at getting a new bench pb.

So I don’t know. I think I will leave it until the day. I still plan to go to the competition whether I lift or not, so I could decide when I get there.

I’m a bit nervous about the schedule of the day, too. We’re meeting to set out at 7.30am; weigh-in lasts until 9.30am and lift-off is at 10am. So if we get there at 9.30am, I will have exactly 30 minutes to weigh in, eat (because I need to make weight, I won’t be eating that morning) and warm up. Bloody hell. I’m almost tempted to drive myself up so I can get there earlier. No-one else I’m traveling with needs to make weight, so they can eat whenever they like 😦

On Monday I tried to set my openers for the competition. I had hoped to open with an 85kg squat, but trying it on Monday was a mess – I barely made it, plus I moved my right foot on the way up, so that’d be a red-light anyhow. I suppose I could open on 80kg but it seems so little.

I haven’t even set a deadlift opener. I lifted 70kg on Saturday for a few singles, which felt OK. Again, I guess I will have to see how I feel on the day. I’d like to open on 100kg, but I think 90kg is more realistic.


4 thoughts on “Pre-competition nerves

  1. G

    Ooh, if I were in your shoes I would probably go and be like “oh no, let me just watch” and then immediately I’d start kicking myself for not being in there lifting! 🙂 But that’s just me, I hope you find a solution that you are satisfied with and works for your body that morning. Good luck!

    1. lozette Post author

      I’m like that too! Every time I watch a comp without taking part, I’m like “Oh I WISH I was up there!!” 😉

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