The Farm Classic, 26th April 2014

Well, I did it – I competed in the end, and I’m glad I did. I didn’t get any pbs – not even on bench 😦 – but I had lots of fun & really enjoyed myself.

My alarm went off at 5.50am on Saturday. Luckily I’d had a good night’s sleep; the previous evening I’d been in the pub for a colleague’s leaving do and, TBH, I was feeling quite miserable so wasn’t good company. I’m not sure why I’ve been so blah recently – probably a combination of work stress, feeling stressed about my back & lack of feel-good gym sessions. So I went home early & was asleep by 10pm.

I got up, had coffee, weighed myself of my home scales (72.0kg!) and set off for Bethnal Green at about 6.40am. We had planned to leave the gym (driving) at 7.30am but by the time everyone arrived it was more like 7.45. So I was quite stressed – I hadn’t eaten, and I needed to be weighed by 9.30am & fed before 10.

We got lost on the way up – inevitably! – and arrived at Moulton College at 9.20am. So I had 40 minutes to get weighed in, changed, eat & warm up. Not surprisingly, I was quite stressed and had the mickey taken out of me *sadface*. But I weighed in at 71.65kg and had brought nice easily-digestible food with me (ham sandwiches on white bread + peanut M&Ms) so by the time lift-off came around I was ready.

One of the best things about lifting at Moulton College is that you always get a t-shirt. Sadly this year’s features the utterly hated (by me, at least!) “Keep Calm” meme, argh!


One for Keep Calm Must Die, I think.

I initially put 85kg down as my squat opener, but on warm-up I just wasn’t feeling it & changed that to 80kg. 80kg felt OK, as did my second attempt at 85kg. I admit, because of my back I was only intending to do 1 or 2 squats, but the first two were good enough that I decided to go for a third. But, 90kg wouldn’t be a pb, so what would be the point? 95kg would be a pb though. So I put that in. However, while I felt strong on the way down, I just couldn’t lock it out, so no lift.

For bench, I was really hoping for a new pb of 52.5kg. I opened on 50kg, which felt heavy but went up fine. On my first attempt at 52.5kg, the bar felt controlled on the way down, but stuck like glue to my chest. So I tried it again, and utterly failed to control it on the way down. Sigh. I always seem to go to pieces in competitions with my bench.

Finally, deadlifts. I put in 100kg for my opener, but TBH I wasn’t really sure about it – after all, I haven’t deadlifted more than 70kg for 5 weeks! But 90kg felt nice & comfortable in the warm-up, and 100kg on the platform was easy. Next lift was 110kg; again, felt nice & easy. So I decided to go for 117.5kg for my third – it’d be a pb. But as soon as I picked up the bar, I knew I was going to have to utterly grind it out to get it, and grinding…. well, not so good for my back. So I dumped it.

So my final total was 85/50/110 = 245kg. At 72kg this actually qualifies me for the GBPF British Classic (just!) and is actually the same total I got in November 2012 when I qualified for the first time. So not too bad for someone who’s not trained properly for 5 weeks!!

All the other Bethnal Green lifters did amazingly well, too.


Big Dave (you can probably tell which one he is) posted 545kg; Anna 425kg and Diego (on the right) 617.5kg. Ernie Parkes, world-record holding masters 4 lifter from BGWLC also totalled 480kg. Sadly my little 245kg total is dwarfed by everyone else 😉

Then I went home and ate ALL THE PIZZA.


I’m so glad to not be cutting weight any more, I find it misery-making. In fact I’ve been having some ~thoughts~ about my weight class, which I will muse on in a later blog post.


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