Scheduling (again), and food (again)

I’ve recently moved teams at work, which is exciting but also terrifying, as it’s a Ruby team and I (currently) know absolutely no Ruby whatsoever. So currently my days at work are like this:

Image from

Image from

Aside from trying to learn a new language, I also have a whole new meeting schedule to work with. And that means… scheduling woes. In my last team we had pretty much no meetings at all (aside from a daily stand-up), and now I have quite a few. Sadly, one of these meetings occurs every other Wednesday, at a time when I’d normally be doing my Yoga-lates class. SADFACE.

I made it to Yoga-lates yesterday, but as of next week I’ll only be going once every 2 weeks. I’m thinking that I’ll have to start going to a Tuesday evening Pilates class to make up the difference; although that means not getting home from work until after 8pm, on my one and only guaranteed night in. Or possibly I could go on Monday lunchtime. Why is scheduling all this stuff so hard?!

I’m looking forward to going back to conditioning this Friday (for the first time since I injured my back!) but I’m also a bit wary as it’s my first week in my new team, and conditioning means a 1 hour 20 min lunchbreak (50 minute class, the rest is travel & shower time). Hopefully my new team is as relaxed about Friday lunchtimes as my old one 😉

Since the Farm open is done, and I’m not going to try to make weight for the next competition, I’ve gone maybe a bit bonkers with the food over the last few days. Obviously on competition day I ate loads of sweets, but I’ve carried on ever since. It doesn’t help that I was lucky enough to get a massive haul of Easter chocolate…

4 big Lindt gold bunnies. 4!!

4 big Lindt gold bunnies. Four!!

Quite a few people I know seem to be giving up sugar at the moment, which is great for them but it opens up a whole bunch of self-doubt for me: What’s the benefit? Should I be doing it too? I don’t want to give up sugar, but being surrounded by people who are on restrictive diets can be a headfuck sometimes.

When I was making weight for the Farm open I stopped having milk, and at the same time I seem to have got sniffly and spotty. Everything out there seems to say that quitting dairy will stop rhinitis and clear up your skin, but I have had the opposite experience – not entirely unlike when I started eating more vegetables at lunchtimes and had massive afternoon energy slumps as a result! I’ve started back on the dairy now, so we’ll see if it makes a difference to my snufflyness.

At this rate, if I give up sugar I will probably end up with gout. Not sure it’s worth the risk!

After yesterday’s Yoga-lates I am very sore and stiff today. I’m going back to BGWLC tonight for my first lifting post-competition; I think getting back into training properly – now that my back is better – is going to be PAINFUL.