Talking about powerlifting – the finale!

Well, I did it – I did my talk on powerlifting at Devs Love Bacon and it was a brilliant experience. I spent all of the conference beforehand super-nervous, and barely slept at all the night before; but about two minutes into actually doing my talk I realised that I was really enjoying myself and it was fantastic.

(Obviously I’m not a British champion – I corrected them, I swear!!)

I got lots of positive Tweets & many people came up to me afterwards & said how much they’d enjoyed my talk. And doing the talk has had the effect I wanted – namely that I feel much more enthused about development again and less blah about my career. I mentioned in my talk that part of the reason for attending the conference & doing a talk was to try to get myself out of a development rut, and a couple of people had suggestions for what I could do (including things like become a “developer evangelist” – to be honest I think I’d rather be a powerlifting evangelist!)

Before I did my talk I was thinking I’d never do another one; but now I think I might change my mind. Trouble is, I have no idea what I’d speak about! Maybe I’ll get some more ideas about the intersection of sport/exercise and geekery.

Regarding work: after my confidence breakdown last week, today I’m feeling better about stuff. On Thursday my product owner said my Cucumber test scenarios were really good for someone who’d been doing Cucumber less than 2 weeks; and today one of the Ruby devs said my second-ever commit was pretty good for someone who was only at the beginning of week 3. RESULT. I do feel a bit like I’m just cutting & pasting & altering other peoples’ code, but then isn’t 95% of programming like that anyway?!

Despite all the fun I had at Bacon, I’m really glad it’s over & done with because I really want to get back to my normal routine and my normal TRAINING. I feel very out of shape after missing conditioning for the last two weeks. Time to knuckle down and get working on that 100kg squat.