It’s a long weekend here in the UK and I’m…sitting around on my butt, doing nothing. As it should be. The last couple of weekends have been really busy so it’s nice to have some time off!

On Friday I finally made it back to conditioning, which was great. The workout was “not too hard” compared to some of the sessions we’ve had, but I found it punishing because I’m so out of shape 😦

After the usual warm-up of jogging, sprints, bear crawls, sit-ups, push-ups, burpees etc; we had the following:

– 50 kettlebell swings with 16kg kb
– 50 Swiss ball knee tucks
– 30 sledge hammer tyre slams
– 60 sit-ups
– 40 wall balls with a 5kg ball (never done these before!)
– 2 rounds of throwing a 20kg sandbag from one end of the dojo to the other
– 20 box step-ups

Bookended around Friday, I had speed bench on Thursday night, and speed box squats on Saturday. Not surprisingly I really ache today, especially in the shoulders. Throwing a 20kg sandbag seemed like it wasn’t going to be too hard, but in reality I sucked at it and my shoulders took a beating!! Then yesterday I had chin-ups, which I still have to do with the heaviest band. Even so, they take their toll on my poor noodle arms!

I had a chat with Martin on Saturday about my competition schedule; I had intended to sign up for the All-England on August 16th as well as the London Clubs in July & of course the British Classic in September. But after discussion I’m going to drop the All-England, as I’ll just be too beaten up to do the British otherwise. Shame, because I’ve only done the All-England once, in 2011, and loved it. But never mind, the British is more important! Martin wants me to try to get a 270kg total in July, so I have the option of competing at the British in either the 72 or 84kg classes; which is a nice idea. I still want to do the British in the 72s, but it’d be good to have options!!