Radical fatty resources

A few days ago I replied to a Facebook post asking how plus-sized bloggers get their confidence, suggesting some resources to read. That gave me an idea to write a blog post about some of my favourite fatshion bloggers and radical fatty writers. Then, today there’s a lot of stuff in the news about obesity, how the UK now has the fattest/unhealthiest/obese-est (all used interchangeably, sigh) people in Europe etc etc, so writing that blog post definitely seems apt. Not least because I keep meaning to get back to writing about fat acceptance more on here!

I started reading about fat acceptance back in 2008 or so, before I started lifting (I was exercising a bit towards the end of that year) and I’m happy & proud to have stuck with fat/size acceptance & body positivity stuff despite being barraged on all sides by the usual fitspo nonsense.

My FA journey came in two stages: initially I got into fatshion blogs & normalised the idea in my head that larger women can and do look awesome in directional, fashionable clothes. The second stage was more radical – reading feminist writing on fat acceptance, acknowledging that appreciating your body for what it is, and loving it as opposed to punishing it, is a radical act.

These are a selection of links that I’ve read/treasured/appreciated over the years, it’s by no means exhaustive – if you have some favourite links, please share them below!

Fa(t)shion blogs

Fatshionista on LiveJournal

The original site I started with. I don’t read it much any more, but if you’re an LJ regular it’s worth checking out.

Gabi Fresh

The. Best. Seriously. I love Gabi so much – she’s responsible for me wearing miniskirts for the first time at 32 and feeling AWESOME in them.

Curvy Girl Chic

Alison Teng’s blog, and she is flawless.

Arched Eyebrow & Pocket Rocket Fashion

Two London girls I love and who come to my gym!!! *dies*

The Curves Have It, Fuller Figure Fuller Bust & Curvy Wordy

Three awesome lingerie (and clothes) bloggers who have given me serious bra envy (and resulted in my owning far more Curvy Kate bras than are strictly necessary!)

The Wardrobe Challenge

If I’ve just spent a fortune at ASOS, Hanna is usually responsible.

Radical fatty resources

Shapely Prose

Now archived, but IMHO the seminal resource for fat/size acceptance.

Dances With Fat

Ragen Chastain is a dancer & choreographer, who completed a marathon & got a whole heap of shit for it. Check out her hate mail if you want to see what trolls think of fat people exercising.

Golda Poretsky

Holistic health practitioner & body love coach, Golda also gets a whole heap of hate for helping people love themselves. Her TED talks are worth watching.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

FFF is a collaborative blog that I don’t always 100% agree with, but is always thought-provoking & well-written.

Fat Body Politics

Quite a new one for me, but excellent reading so far.

Fat Nutritionist

Michelle is fat, and a nutritionist. I know, right?! The two are not mutually exclusive, who knew?

Health At Every Size Blog

The original resource for HAES info, originated by Linda Bacon.

Obesity Timebomb

Definitely the most radical on the list, Dr Cooper’s writings are pretty provocative and controversial. Which is why you should read her.

So, your turn – what are your favourite fa(t)shion, FA, HAES & related resources? Any vital ones I’ve missed out?