What a difference 1.5kg makes

I weighed myself at the gym yesterday and I’m still only 73.5kg (so only 1.5kg over my usual weight class) despite spending last week eating sugar & bread like they’re going out of style. I still feel about 75kg, so it’s a bit of a mindfuck really. I kept on catching my silhouette in shop windows yesterday and was alarmed at how wide, front-to-back, I’ve got. I’m sure I wasn’t this big the last time I was >72kg!

I had a really good session at BGWLC yesterday. Most of it was speed bench work & not very interesting; but I got a new pb on the floor press, which I’m really happy about. Before I think my best was 1 or 2 reps with 17.5kg (38.5lb) dumbbells, but yesterday I got 5 with 17.5kg & 1 with 20kg (44lbs). Floor press, if you’re not familiar, is where you lie on the floor and lower the dumbbells until your arms are resting on the floor, pause (very important), then press.

I also had a go at box jumps for the first time. We almost always have box jumps in my conditioning class at Urban Kings, and thus far I’ve never been brave enough to do them (it doesn’t help that I only ever have about 1-2 minutes to pluck up the courage, before I have to move on!) So I decided to have a go at them at BGWLC at my leisure, and managed to work my way up to the 20″ box for a few sets of 5! I attempted 22″ but bottled it every time.

So, I will try to do them in conditioning on Friday. However, at Urban Kings we’re not allowed to wear shoes, so no matter how brave I got at BGWLC wearing my trusty plimsolls, it may all go to pieces on Friday when I’m faced with the prospect of bashing my toes up/splinters etc. Eeek!

After the gym yesterday, my boyfriend & I treated ourselves to lunch at Bar Boulud in Knightsbridge. Their burgers are excellent.

Piggy Burger at Bar Boulud

Piggy Burger at Bar Boulud

Most of what I’ve eaten this weekend has come in a bun. Sausage, bacon & egg bap on Saturday morning, burger on Saturday afternoon, and this (Sunday) evening my boyfriend & I are making venison sliders. YUM!

I was having a bit of a wobble last night about the size of my tummy, but my boyfriend pointed out that while I’m currently filling it with burgers, at least I’m filling it with high quality burgers. Which is something 🙂