Ah, never underestimate the value of a cathartic blog post, eh? If I learned nothing else from my years posting on Diaryland/LiveJournal, I learned that. After my earlier post I practically skipped to Urban Kings for conditioning. Sadly we didn’t have any box jumps today, so I couldn’t try doing them for real (i.e. barefoot) this time. But we did loads of other fun (awful) stuff and I feel good now.

Another reason I was so peeved yesterday at BGWLC was that I got there & saw I had barbell floor press, and the one exercise I 100 PERCENT HATE ABOVE ALL OTHERS is barbell floor press. It’s just such a massive faff – I hate it particularly as I always need a spotter more-or-less from the start, because due to lack of equipment we have to do them off boxes. I can’t really explain it, but just believe me on this; the way the boxes + plates interact means you always need someone to hand the bar over to you, even if it’s only 40kg. That makes me feel like a gym pest, even though I know I’m not.

So I was sort of grumping round the gym because urgh barbell floor press and urgh so frazzled, and I ended up only doing half of my workout.

  • Barbell floor press: worked up to 2 singles at 47.5kg + 5kg chains (but the first one needed a little assistance, and on the second my bottom came off the floor, so I’m not sure they count?)
  • Dumbbell power clean: 12.5kg dumbbells, 10 reps x 3
  • Front raise: 10kg plate, 10 reps x 4

Then I went home & ate ice-cream. Blah blah blah stupid gym etc.

Tomorrow I have a strongwoman taster day. I’m sort of looking forward to it, and sort of not really wanting to go because strangers. We’ll see how it goes.

Which exercises make your heart sink when you see them on your workout?