Massage, self-care and some positive stuff

Part of the treatment for my injured back was a series of sports massages, and after he finished treating me, the physio recommended I start having regular massages as preventative care. Yesterday I finally put that into action & saw a massage therapist at the same physiotherapy centre.

It felt great & was a really positive experience for me. Not for the first time, I got told I’m very flexible, and the therapist also said I have a lovely straight, strong back. So both of those were nice to hear! She said if only most of her clients had a nice straight back like mine, and I should share my secret. It’s heavy deadlifts, obviously!

She recommended I start coming or a massage every 4 weeks. To be honest I think I might like to go more often – I’m pretty fortunate that money’s not an issue for me right now (touch wood!) so I can afford it. I know I’ll never take the time to foam roll/stretch properly every day, no matter how many fancy implements I buy. (There’s also very limited floor space in my house, which means foam rolling at home ain’t gonna happen.)

On Wednesday I went to Yoga-lates, which I really needed as I was feeling so tight & sore (this was before my massage!). The class consists of strength & balance poses with side planks in between. For some reason I decided I was going to try one-legged side planks…and I could do them! Really surprised. My balance on my left leg was better than on my right, but I will keep doing them in class & see if I can improve. I’m also working on doing the splits, which I’m so far away from it’s hilarious; but I’ll keep trying. Hopefully the massages will loosen up my tight hamstrings, and I can inch closer & closer to a full split…

Last night it was speed bench day at BGWLC:

  • Bench press: worked up to 4 sets of 3 @ 30kg with red bands; then the same again, but narrow grip
  • Dumbbell floor press: 12.5kg x 8; 15kg x 5; 17.5kg x 5; 20kg x 3; 12.5kg x 15

Despite hating barbell floor press, I love dumbbell floor press. Go figure. I’m so pleased with my progress on these – a few weeks ago I’d only ever done 1 rep with the 17.5kg dumbbells. I got one rep out of the 20kg ones only 2 weeks ago. And now I have 3!

  • “Chin ups” with the heaviest band (and my chin not really getting anywhere near the bar): 2 sets of 5
  • Hammer curls: 8kg, 2 set of 8
  • Situps: 5kg plate, 2 sets of 20
  • Box jumps (18″): 3 sets of 5

I feel so much more positive at the moment than I did a few days ago. I’m still mulling over the thoughts that doing the strongwoman day brought up, though; specifically around wanting to do more/different training but just having no idea how to fit this into my schedule. I need an exercise PA or something, to help me find time to shoehorn in workouts. Or, I need to drop something (like, the tech advocacy stuff?) which…well, which I don’t really want to do.