I’ve been feeling this a bit lately. I do appreciate all the body positive posts you see on fitness-type blogs, but at the same time they can feel…exclusionary? As if body positivity is only reserved for those who work out, who fit a certain mould (between certain size parameters, meeting certain shape standards), or who even meet certain health criteria. Body positivity should have no exceptions.

I won’t deny that going up a weight class is proving a bit of a mindfuck. I feel like I’ve swapped angst about losing weight for angst about the size of my tummy & increased overall jiggle levels. Yesterday when I was doing my sandbag clean & presses in front of a mirror, I was more focused on my chins & the loose skin on my arms, than on the fact I was pressing a sandbag over my head 50 times. Body positivity is hard, no doubt.

Today I would be going to Yoga-lates if it wasn’t for my bi-weekly lunch meeting. I feel a bit distraught about it, TBH (which is kinda pathetic). The meeting will be interesting, but I’d much rather be working on my core strength – I need it for my squats! And I resent having to give up my lunch hour for work. Meh.

Edited to add: oh, and now I’ve had another meeting scheduled in to the intervening Wednesday lunchtime. Argh, why even is work?!


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  1. G

    I struggle with this quote’s corrolary: If you’re only body positive when people can do certain things, then…

    At least for myself. A lot of my self-worth these days is wrapped up in my athletic ability, and in the back of my mind I’m acutely aware of its transitory nature.

    I’ve nearly totally given up fitspo-type media. It makes me so antsy and dissatisfied.

    1. lozette Post author

      Same here – I wouldn’t feel anywhere near as good about myself if I didn’t work out. But I also reject the “good fatty” idea (for other people!) because I don’t think people NEED to work out to be respected. I’ve been mulling over a post on that actually 🙂

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