I finished yesterday feeling quite cross, once again due to my nemesis scheduling and the fact that next Wednesday – a day when I should be going to Yoga-lates – I’ve been booked into an all-day meeting. Meaning I’d have to miss Yoga-lates 3 weeks in a row. WAH.

I had a mini-conniption and went through my work calendar, blocking out not only the Yoga-lates class but all of Urban Kings’ holistic classes, marking myself as Out of the office instead of Busy. I’m willing to let next week go, but from now on I hope people will stop booking me into quite so many meetings that clash. Or, if they don’t (I concede that meetings are part of my job & I have to earn a crust!), then the reminders will remind me to go to the gym at other times when I’m free.

I mean, there are so many good classes at UK and at the moment I only go to two! I should stop being so nervous about taking long(er) lunchbreaks & just make up the time elsewhere (as others have suggested).

Last night I had my second evening at home in a row, and despite not doing much (watching the football, cooking & eating dinner with my boyfriend) it was glorious, and I think I need more evenings like that. So, I’m going to dial back the tech advocacy stuff. It makes me sad to do so, but on the other hand, the events I go to aren’t undersubscribed so they’ll manage without me. I’m just too damn tired to go to everything 😦

Two-workout Thursday

Lunchtime: Pilates. First time i’ve done this class and damn it was pretty tough. You know how many people describe Yoga & Pilates as “recovery day” activities? I must be going to some hardcore classes, because the ones I do leave me hot & sweaty (and it’s not just me – the MMA guys too!)

Evening: lifting

  • Narrow-grip bench press to 4 boards: 45kg, 5 x 5
  • Dumbbell floor press: 15kg, 10 reps x 3
  • Seated barbell press: 20kg, 8 reps x 3
  • Narrow push-up (on my knees 😦 ): 5 x 3
  • Leg raises: 15 x 3
  • Dumbbell side bends: 15kg, 15 x 3
  • Spiders: 3 sets