July goals?

I’ve been enjoying reading other bloggers’ July Goals posts, and considering doing one of my own. Although, I admit, I’m a bit wary of stating goals because I worry I’ll somehow jinx things. And I’m also wary of aiming for lifting-weight goals because not much changes in a month when you’ve been lifting for 5+ years.

But, I think there are some goals I can aim for without (I hope!) putting too much pressure on myself to definitely definitely squat X amount by Y date:

Eat more protein! God, I’m so bad at this. I don’t track my macros regularly, but on the days I do I only seem to be eating ~100g of protein. If I was going to follow the “eat a gram of protein for every lb of bodyweight” mantra I should be eating at least 60g more. Of course, this would be easier if I managed to bring both my protein shaker and my protein powder to work; today I only have one, and this is pretty typical of how organised I am.

Go to a holistic class at Urban Kings at least once a week, if not two. I went to Yoga-lates yesterday & am off to Pilates later today. I really enjoy these classes & need to keep them up!

Go to that Tuesday kettlebells class. Seriously, just once so maybe I can learn not to smash kettlebells into my arms during conditioning.

Try to be kinder to my humungous belly because seriously, it doesn’t deserve the loathing.

Compete on July 26th. A bit of an obvious one, but Laura – try not to get injured before the 26th?!

Wednesday – Yoga-lates

I was a bit naughty yesterday & skipped my (non-compulsory!) Wednesday lunchtime meeting to go to Yoga-lates. I felt I deserved it after spending all of Tuesday at a vendor 😐

After 3 weeks of not going it was tough. No one-legged side planks for me this time. It was fun & I got a good stretch out of it though.

When I got home my lovely boyfriend made me a fab dinner – first British spring lamb of the season (cooked so rare it was practically raw – yum!), mini roast potatoes & green beans.

It looks like a large-ish meal but, admittedly, I was a bit hungry again when I went to bed. No wonder I’m so heavy at the moment!


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