Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club – update

IMPORTANT! This info is all out of date – please check out Bethnal Green’s new website.

Since I get a lot of hits on my blog for info about Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club (here and here), I thought I’d do a quick post about what’s happening there.

Note: I’m not a member of staff at BGWLC, a trustee or on the committee; I’m just an enthusiastic lifter who loves the club. None of this is therefore official info.

Up until today, BGWLC was administered by Tower Hamlets Council as part of their sports programme. Unfortunately they no longer wish to run the gym.

Today the summer term ended and therefore officially there is no more lifting at BGWLC. But the council is allowing the trustees (who are a group of long-term BGWLC lifters & coaches) to use the gym until its future is decided – which should happen around 31st July.

In the meantime, the gym will open as usual. For info about other lifting times (e.g mornings), leave me a comment and I’ll give you the email address of the powerlifting coach, who will be able to help you.

I have no idea at the moment if BGWLC will be offering any beginner’s powerlifting & weightlifting courses. If you’re interested in learning Olympic weightlifting in London, I can recommend Greenwood Weightlifting & Strength Ambassadors.


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