Shorts, squats & fatshion idols

I have to admit, I’ve not been inspired to post here for a few days. I’ve been feeling really good about myself & my lifting, and that’s kind of made me shy about sharing, for reasons I can’t quite fathom. Something about not wanting to attract people to my blog who would celebrate my weight gain & lifting gains, but who would condemn others for being fat. No thank you.

The weather has finally warmed up here in London & I was desperate to wear my shorts over the weekend. Typically, the weather at the weekend was not as warm as it was during the week, but I still wore my shorts (why does the weather always do thatt?!)

I didn’t wear shorts at all before I was about 35 (except for on foreign holidays, when I think it’s a bit more acceptable to ignore clothing “rules”, *cough* bullshit *cough*). Nowadays I can’t wait to put mine on and I get sad that the sorts season in London is so brief. I have tons of cellulite, thread veins & bruises/discolouration on my legs, which you can put down to being 37; these days the joys of wearing shorts outweighs my dislike of those things.

I’m sure the expected thing for me to say here is that lifting has given me the confidence to wear shorts, but if that was the whole case then I’d have been wearing them since I was 32! Truth me told it’s fatshion blogs that have made me stick two fingers up at the Fashion Police (who, coincidentally, don’t exist). My current utter inspiration is K at Fatty Unbound who makes me rue all those years I thought I couldn’t wear shorts. Her style is A+.

Thank deity for fatshion…. if only I’d discovered it 10+ years ago!

Friday – Conditioning

  • In pairs, 10 sets of 6 reps of:
    – 10kg ball slams
    – 14kg single-arm dumbbell snatch
    – 20kg kettlebell swing
    – 12″ box jumps
    – 20kg overhead squats

In hindsight, it was probably a mistake going to conditioning after heavy squats the day before. My back hurt quite a lot after this – especially from the kettlebell swings. I was worried on Friday evening that I’d managed to injure my back again.

Saturday – Bench at BGWLC

  • Bench press: worked up to 45kg x 3, all with stops; 47.5 x 1 with stop; 50kg, two singles
  • Dumbbell floor press: 12.5kg x 10; 15kg x 10, 4 sets
  • JM press: 40kg, 3 x 3
  • Seated barbell shoulder press: 25kg, 3 sets of 5

Monday: Squats at BGWLC

  • Squats: worked up to 40kg x 5; 50kg x 5; 60kg x 3; 70kg x 2; 80kg x 2; 90kg x 2 x 2 sets; 90kg x 1

This was meant to be 90kg x 2 x 3 sets, but the last set was a mess & I only managed one rep. To be honest, I wasn’t so fresh – I’d taken the day off work to watch the Tour de France, hadn’t eaten a proper lunch (I scoffed a quick cream cheese bagel on the way to the gym, which is not enough) and I’d spent the day standing up instead of sitting at my desk. Still, I have never done 90kg for more than a single before, so.

  • RDLs: 40kg, 10 x 3 sets
  • Hyperextensions: 15kg bar, 5 x 3 sets
  • Glute & ham raises: 10 x 5 sets
  • Leg raises & situps

Today I have not brought my gym kit to work because I need to remove all temptation to work out. FFS Laura, you need to rest sometimes!


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