Food & photos for Sunday

Before my boyfriend & I moved in together we used to spend most of our time together hitting London’s pretty awesome food scene, not just restaurants but markets too. But since we shacked up we don’t go out on dates as much, and we’ve been neglecting London’s restaurants a bit in favour of cooking at home (well, he does 99% of the cooking & I eat most of it!)

We used to go to Brockley Market all the time as it was convenient for where we lived; but having moved from SE London to east London we haven’t been able to get there very often (it’s about 1h 15mins on the tube/overground/bus). So when the people who run Brockley Market started up Wapping Market 3 weeks ago, we were pretty stoked.

Summertime = shorts + rain

The weather has been really iffy in London this week, but I was determined to wear my shorts. This ensured it rained, of course – but hey, what’s a bit of water between friends?

My legs have been like lead for the last 24 hours because I did a heavy deadlift/squat session yesterday & have walked a few miles since. After the gym on Saturday I met my boyfriend at Bank & we walked around the shops in town & at Canary Wharf for a bit. Today we walked to & from the station, then to & from Wapping Market at the other end. Plus stairs – so many stairs at Whitechapel. No wonder my legs always feel tired at the moment.

At Wapping Market I bought a fantastic-looking doughnut from relative newcomer Crosstown Doughnuts. This is their pic of it – mine is still carefully wrapped up & I’ll be eating it later on with a cuppa:

ETA: I’ve just eaten this & it was amazing!

In even more food news, last Tuesday I went out with friends from work (my ex-team in fact) to Duke’s Brew & Que. We had an amazing meal but I must be seriously losing my touch, as after this I barely ate for 24 hours, and it took me until Friday morning to feel remotely normal again after the late night. I’m getting old.

Pork ribs, fried pickles and mac & cheese at Duke’s

Saturday – deadlifts & squats at BGWLC

I admit, I was not looking forward to this session. I’m glad I saved my legs & didn’t go to conditioning on Friday. Incidentally, Saturday was the first time I’ve been at BGWLC when there was an equal number of men & women (much to coach’s chagrin – we’ll be demanding equal rights next).

  • Sumo deadlifts: worked up to 90kg x 2; 100kg x 1 (horrible, horrible, horrible)
  • Conventional deadlifts: 105kg for 3 singles
  • RDLs: 40kg, 10 x 3 sets
  • Squats: worked up to 80kg for 3 x 3 (after those deads, are you f*cking kidding me?!)
  • Incline dumbbell holds: 15kg, 7 reps x 3
  • Glute & ham raises: 10 reps x 6
  • Cable crunch: 30kg, 10 reps x 3

Followed by walking. So much walking. Oh god the walking.


2 thoughts on “Food & photos for Sunday

  1. Martha B

    Nicely done. And damn… That BBQ looks bomb.
    But still I hear you – I can’t throw down food like I used to. Sometimes it’s pretty depressing, especially when I want to eat all the things!!

    1. lozette Post author

      The BBQ was amazing! We don’t have that many decent BBQ places here in London, so Duke’s is a treat!!

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