Grumpy Tuesday

Bloody hell have I woken up on the wrong side of bed again today. I was hoping for a good night’s sleep after my sicky-feeling weekend and my grumpathon yesterday, but no dice. Another crap night’s sleep where my brain was chattering excitedly to me until 1am or so. My boyfriend left for the airport at 6am so I was awake with him, then somehow managed to be late leaving the house and I forgot to get myself any dinner out of the freezer. See, he’s not even been gone a few hours and I’ve already failed in feeding myself!

I’ve set a reminder on my phone for the rest of the week to prod me into getting dinner out of the freezer before I leave for work. I guess tonight I’ll have to find something that’s cookable from frozen. I’m sure I was never this disorganised when I lived alone (which was for 6.5 years, not merely a few months) – I’ve got so sloppy.

Still, despite feeling crap I managed a gym pb last night on bench, which was nice. Only I’ve been dragging myself down about it, as it’s only a gym pb (they don’t really count) and of course I’m next competing in a heavier weight class, so my 72kg personal bests won’t be topped – I’ll just come out of it with (hopefully) a new set of 84kg benchmarks.

Still! At least now I know I can bench 52.5kg with a stop on a good day (and yesterday was a pretty good gym day, if not a good life one) and I know what it’ll feel like on the 26th July.

I still have mixed feelings about going up a weight class. I feel stronger, sure, but I also dislike how I look (which I may have mentioned!). Not enough to stop me from going out & about in miniskirts and short-shorts, but enough to glance in dismay at the return of my hanging back fat, and feel jealous when others talk about quad definition (which I’ve never had, even when for-me-skinny) and enviable thighs. I almost can’t wait to get back to 72kg… except I fucking hate cutting weight. Contrary? You bet.

Bench at BGWLC

  • Bench press: worked up to singles with stops at 42.5kg, 45kg, 47.5kg, 50kg, 52.5kg. Attempted 55kg but nope.
  • Dumbbell floor press: 15kg, 5 reps x 2; 17.5kg, 5 reps
  • Seated barbell shoulder press: 20kg x 7; 25kg, 7 reps x 2; 25kg, 8 reps (extra rep as punishment for wasting time by admiring my bum in the mirror, sigh)
  • Light single-arm dumbbell rows: 15kg, 5 reps x 3
  • Dumbbell side bends: 22.5kg, 5 reps x 3