Well this has definitely been the strangest competition prep I’ve ever done. As I’m not trying to make weight, it doesn’t feel like I’m training for a competition at all (I sit here as I write with a 200g bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk). I’m used to the last couple of weeks pre-competition being a blur of obsessive weigh-ins and fretting about food.

My last two training sessions have been okay. On Sunday I went to BGWLC for a super-secret training session (competition preppers only) and worked up to a 50kg bench & 2 sets of 2 deadlifts @ 105kg. I tried repeating my 52.5kg bench but it wasn’t going to move – I blame spending all of Saturday getting drunk at a cider festival, heh heh heh 😉

On Tuesday I set my squat & bench openers – 90kg for the squat and 50kg bench. I’m on holiday at the moment and had spent all of Tuesday doing DIY in my house in searing heat (summer appears to have returned to London after being absent for a couple of weeks) so wasn’t looking forward to that squat, but I got it and it felt OK.

I have a little concern regarding my SBD knee sleeves, though. My coach told me that at the IPF Worlds they were considering banning talc, and I simply cannot get my stupid knee sleeves on in hot weather without talc. It took me 20 minutes to get them on on Tuesday when the talc proved futile! I’m a bit worried that on Saturday I won’t be allowed to use talc to get my knee sleeves on and I don’t like squatting without them!! NIGHTMARE.

However, I can’t find anything online about the IPF/GBPF banning talc so… Fingers crossed they won’t care at a little divisional competition, which this is. The weather is meant to be hot again on Saturday (no aircon in the gym, obviously) so talc will be a MUST!

Today I’ve spent all day at home doing DIY once more, and it’s been exhausting. I’m hoping to get all my DIY chores done by Thursday so I can spend all of Friday relaxing – if I feel on Friday like I do today then I’m in trouble!!